Who Made God

“If God made the world, then who made God?”

Atheists such as Richard Dawkins have said that if a complex specified Universe requires the existence of a Divine Maker, then how much more does the existence of a complex Divine Maker require Someone even greater to create Him?

This is supposed to be a clever refutation of the Argument from Design.

But to ask “Who Made God?” is to ask a silly question. GOD, is by definition eternal, complete and uncreated. In the light of this, the question becomes “Who created the Eternal Uncreated One?” The question itself is self-contradictory.

To assert that it is impossible for a Being to exist beyond the dimension of time is nothing much more than assuming that God does not exist. And by what authority can any time-bound human make authoritative declarations can or cannot lie beyond our Space-Time Continuum, if anything?

When it gets down to it, only God Himself can prove He exists to you, me or anyone else. An Almighty God such as the Bible speaks of can certainly reveal Himself to you. He has the power to do that. Whether He is willing to do so might just depend on your attitude. So be proud and arrogant at your own risk. Our God is not obligated by anything to show you anything more than He already has – in nature, through history, in your own personality and rationality, in your sense of right and wrong, or through the testimony of others who can speak of what He has done. So if you need a little help from Him in deciding the critical answers to Life’s Meaning, embrace a little humility.





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