WHAT. I understand the bible to say on homosexuality

Firstly I am likely to offend some people on this site, however, during these times i find that children, parents and even some prophesied Christians to believe that there is no sin in it. This is what I understand the bible to say on this subject. In Genesis, God could not find a suitable mate for Adam, And so God caused Adam to go into a deep sleep and then took the woman out of the man Adam. He didn’t take another man out of Adam, He took all that was female out of Adam. So i would say that we are to find a mate or help meet of the opposite Sex! For we were designed that Way! In Saddam & Gamora, we see the terrible destruction of thone Nations due to the men of that City wanting to know the 2 angels casually! I also read in the epistle.to the Romans that God handed them over to a probate mind because they refused to repent and so he caused them to burn with lust for eachother, both the men and Women! However we are to Love one another, but not be like the rest of the world. Our own Lord calls Homosexuality an Abomination! And Christ Jesus is the same yesterday, today & forever. I did not say that it is an Abomination, our Father in Heaven did. And who am I to argue with God or think that I know better than he Does! I honestly believe that we can be changed in our body by sacrificing ourselves each day and allowing Christ Jesus to live in us each day and and renewing our minds we will be perfected in time. I do not say this as an attack, I say it from Love in my heart, please seek the Lord first and lean not on your own understanding and pray that God Loves you enough to change You! Love your sis in Christ Jesus, Annette

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