Warnings from the Book of Proverbs – Part 3

A foolish woman will destroy her house. (14:1)

Being perverse or crooked shows you despise God. (14:2)

The house of the wicked will be overthrown. (14:11)

Just because your way seems right to you does not mean it won’t lead to death. (14:12)

Fools can be self-confident too, and frequently are. (14:16)

Don’t be quick tempered or you will act foolishly (14:17)

If you are wicked ultimately you will be underneath the righteous. (14:19)

Poverty can hinder your relationships. (14:20)

Its a sin to despise your neighbour. (14:21)

Make evil plans and you will go astray. (14:22)

Idle chatter leads to poverty. (14:23)

Lack of followers brings a leader down. (14:28)

Impulsiveness leads to folly. (14:29)

Envy will eat you up and cause health problems. (14:30)

God will take offense if you oppress the poor. (14:31)

Sin will bring reproach and shame. People will speak badly of you if you sin. (14:32)

If you repeatedly cause shame leadership will be angry at you. (14:35)

Speaking harshly stirs people up to be angry against you. (15:1)

God can see everything you are doing. (15:3)

Perverseness in your speech will cause spiritual damage to you. (15:4)

Despising your father’s words is a mark of a fool. (15:5)

If you are wicked even your revenues will come with trouble. (15:6)

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