War looming in the Middle East

AUCKLAND NZ :- A New Zealand born Jewish family is travelling throughout New Zealand, with a mission to raise the awareness of Christians to the Middle East situation.

Josie and David Silver.

David and Josie Silver, along with their son Stefan, are speaking at about 40 churches and seminars over the next month, warning that the situation in the Middle East is deteriorating fast.

Both Mr and Mrs Silver are from Auckland.

“I became a Christian 20 years ago,” said Mr Silver. “Josie was brought up a Christian, but when I met her, I led her away from the Lord.”

After marrying, Josie renewed her faith in Jesus as the Son of God and David spent the next 12 months trying to prove she was wrong.

“But I had a supernatural revelation of Jesus as my Messiah, after Josie had a sudden healing from morning sickness. I realised it was me who had been brain washed and I gave my heart to the Lord,” he said.

About three months later, three people came to see Mr Silver, telling him that he was still a Jew, even though he was now also a Christian. The next step for the family was to head to Israel, which they did 15 years ago. Since then they have kept a close eye on the political situation, and have made regular trips back to New Zealand to share what they have been seeing.

Mr Silver said the situation was deteriorating so fast, another war was very likely, possibly within the next six months.

“This could involve either Hamas or Lebanon or Syria,” he said. “My message is that this war could be much more serious than the war between Israel and Lebanon last year. I’m trying to raise the level of prayer for Israel and for the Jewish people.”

Mr Silver said he believed the Church has the authority and power to influence events through prayer. He had met ‘little old ladies’ on previous trips to New Zealand who had been praying for Israel for years, some since 1967. During his world trips, he has noted the greatest fervour for Israel in Brazil, where many churches pray for Israel at every service, followed by Germany .

“But New Zealand also has a relatively good level of awareness of the Middle East situation,” he said. “My greatest wish is that people read their Bible and see exactly what it says, that they get a Biblical perspective on Israel.”

Mr Silver is the author of the book A Slow Train Coming, which explains God’s plan for Israel.

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