Urgent Prayer Request.

The below message is from the mail I received today and I request prayer for those people mentioned. Please pray for them and also for all the believers who are persecuted.

Urgent……… Prayer request………

Please pray for our fellow Pastors and a Pastor's
wife….Plz.      Also tell more community so that they can also pray and share for this cause (For medical support and to fight for legal justice)
Hindu Radicals Beat up Pastors and Evangelists. Miscarriage by a Pastor’s Wife
It was a Gandhi Jayanthi celebration on 2nd October in New Public School in Chintamani, Kolar District, Karnataka in INDIA. The school is being run by a believer, Smt. Ambujakshi. She had also invited some Pastors, evangelists and other Christians for the programme. After the celebrations were over, they were thanking God for His Grace and gift of a man like Gandhiji for this great country. Smt. Ambuhakshi requested some of the invitees also to speak in the thanks-giving, and when Pastor Muthu was speaking, suddenly about 40 Bajrang Dal activists barged inside the school campus and brutally attacked them and began beating them up very selectively. Pastor Muthu, Pastor Kenny, Pastor Fernandes and his pregnant wife Mrs Kezia Fernandez were the victims of their senseless attack. They are all pastors of Living Gospel Prayer Fellowship,Ramamurthi Nagar, Bangalore. Pastor Fernandes was badly hurt in one of his ears and his pregnant wife was pushed down and kicked in the stomach.
Sub Inspector Kantharaj along with the ASI Ramesh and a few constables from the Chintamani Police Station arrived at the scene, but unfortunately the beating continued even after the arrival, and the police stood as dumb spectators for quite some time. Then, these very victims of that brutal attack were taken to the police station at about 12 noon and detained there till 7.30 p.m. without providing any medical assistance. Only when Mrs. Fernandes started bleeding profusely, they allowed them to go away and make the necessary arrangements for their anticipatory bail. The pastor was charged under section 295A/324/504 and 506. Pastor Fernandes and Mrs.Fernandes are being treated in a private nursing home and unfortunately, Mrs. Fernandes lost the child as a result of the miscarriage subsequently. Though all efforts are being made for the bail, they have not yet succeeded in getting it. Please pray for the Pastors and the believers.
Submitted by newsman on Wed, 06/10/2010 – 19:15. KarnatakaRadicals Beat up Pastors and Evangelists
Anandkar Silvester
Word of God Ministries, INDIA.

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  1. E.Jyothi says:

    Praise the lord.

    Please prayer for Mrs.Yellamma she cancer patients she conduction is serious so please prayer for

    Thank you.

  2. Christina Daniel says:

    Please pray for my estranged husband to be convicted as he was so abusive and violent towards me and my 3 month old baby please pray that he gets his punishment cause if he doesn’t get convicted then I have to leave uk means then he will keep my baby with him I have suffered so much in my life with that man and now I want Lord to do justice give punishment to this man and his family they made my life hell please pray that he gets convicted of his crimes and I can live with my baby who is my only reason to live and look forward the future I can’t live without my baby. I want God to do this miracle in my life. I am so broken hearted I feel so depressed please pray for me and my son to stay together aswell
    I really want to grow with Lord I want to give praise to lord I want to testify His name but don’t know why this all has happened with me please pray that estranged husband gets convicted for his crimes.

  3. My husband has been distance with me lately and I think hes seeing someone, I am asking for Prayers for my husband and I to get back to where we use to be, I am so inlove with him and I do not want anything or anyone to come between our family its been 18years I want to spend the rest of my life with him.

  4. I am in desperate need of Prayers I have been with my Partner for almost 20years I am so in love with him but lately he has been distance from me and found out he is seeing someone, i am asking for Prayers for him to stay away from her and for her to stay away from him, she wants him to move out and be with her I amd in desperate need of Prayers I love my husband and I believe the devil sent her here to tear us apart.

  5. veronica paul says:

    my fathers elder brother’s wife is suffering from stone and doctor predicts that she is having cancer somewhere in her .please help through your prayer ,let the prediction be wrong heal her as soon as possible ,there is shortage of money ,its been 1 month and more still she is in hospital please pray and help her.

  6. Prayer request needed for my friend Alejandra Montero (39 years old) she had/has stage 4 colon cancer she has been at the Cancer Centers of America in Oklahoma since December 10, 2013 she had a major surgery to remove the cancer now almost 4 months later she continues to be there her recovery is very slow and she is just in and out of the hospital. She has her husband John and her 2 small boys John Jr.(5) & Arron (3). Today I was just notified by her brother that she is having liver problems and she is very yellow and the Dr. has said this is very dangerous but her doctors will be meeting this afternoon to see what they can do to help her. Please pray for her

  7. Hi, please pray for me to get out of my financial mess and get my Loan release as soon as possible (now the Loan is pending with the CIMB Bank London at the irresponsible and careless Officer hand that causes the penalty) and pray that my penalty be waive off, I had suffered badly for the past 6 years. Thanks.

  8. I have also prayed leanobabitse’s prayer, Amen. And pray Lord that you may find a way to bring those same persecutors into your fold and convert the devil’s own to christianity. For God is almighty and victorius over the devil, forever and ever Amen.

  9. Timothy Luke says:

    Thank you Anurekha for posting this. I have prayed leanobabitse's prayer and thank her for it as well. It is good to have such fellowship!

  10. leanobabitse says:

    in the name of Jesus Christ i interceed on behalf of all our brothers and sisters in Christ who were the victims of a severe act of assault/violence. Lord purify my heart as i humble myself before you today in prayer.
    Father, in your word u have talked about such instances where we shall be persecuted for what we believe in and it has over the years come to pass.
    Lord, in the name of your son Jesus, remind us what u have said in your word that all those who persevere to the very end shall recieve a crown of glory (James 1v25).
    Father in the midst of such trials and tribulations, strengthen the victims Lord and remind them that u shall never leave nor forsake them and that you will be by their side until the end.
    help them remain strong and courageous and not to be afraid nor dismayed,for you are with them and will be with them until the end of time until your work has been finished here on earth.(1 Chro 28v20)

    You have encouraged us to put all our worries on you for You care for us Lord and that is exactly what i am doing on behalf of my brethren, trusting and believing that You shall fight their battles and resolve their problems.
    you are the Lord who can do exceedingly and abunduntly above anything that anyone can ever ask or imagine (ephesians 3v20) and because of that i speak divine healing amongst your people. Healing of the mind,body and soul.i pray for the divine spirit of forgiveness amongst my brethren Lord,because failure to forgive and bitterness fills the heart with impurities.

    the devil had come to steal,kill and destroy but no weapon fashioned against us shall prosper for u have given us authority to trample over snakes and scorpions and over the power of the enemy. i speak against the kingdom of darkness in the name of Jesus Christ. we are more than conquerors because greater is You who lives in us than he who is in the world.we realise that we are not fighting against flesh and blood but against principalities in high places. i ask for you to clothe your people in your armour Lord so that when a thousand fall to their left and ten thousand to their right, they remain unscathed (Psalms 91v7) in their faith and devotion towards you.
    i thank you Lord for their divine protection wherever they are and in everything they do, for the restoration of their health and spiritual wellbeing. I thank you for taking control over their problems and fighting their battles. I thank you for watcching over your word to perform it and ensuring that they succeed and prosper.
    there is indeed no other god here on earth or above in heaven who is greater than You. let your name be magnified now and forever more Amen.

    • Amen. I come in agreement to your prayer and seek God's guidance, strength, protection, healing, and endurance in these perilous times.


      We must forgive those who persecute us and be a testimony of the LORD to them. I wonder what a change will come in this world if those persecutors will be touched by God like Paul.


      Before every great revolution there is great persecution of innocent people and so I believe that in the coming times a great revival is awaiting us.


      Of course I believe that persecution will become worse for Christian in the end times after which God will come to Judge the world but I cannot deny that I believe a great rising of Christian is coming prior to that.

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