Urgent Prayer nedded for Kel.

Recently joined this site. I have been a christian for many years. Recently I have fallen and am in need of urgent prayer! Please pray that I am strong enough to endure God’s plan for me. Although I know God has forgiven me I also know I must own up to the punishment from man. Please pray God gives me the strength to and stays by my side to get through these troubled waters. I am trying hard to not lose faith. Your continued prayers are needed. I have to meet with the police on Friday morning and do not have the funds to hire an attorney to go with me. I want to confess to my sins and pay the price as God has planned. Just hope to have the strength to go on! Please also pray for my family

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  1. MelodyCat says:

    May the Lord be the champion of your situation and hold you up each day. Amen

  2. MelodyCat says:

    Lifting you up in prayer to the Lord. May God cover your situation and help you have the spiritual strength to go through what you have to face. Amen

    Remember the Lord promises to never leave us not forsake us, He is always with us.

  3. Timothy Luke says:

    "Father, we thank you for Kel and the plans you have for her life. We thank you that you have granted her the gift of repentance. We know that you are faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us of ALL unrighteousness when we confess our sins. We know Kel has confessed before you and desires to do so before man in the court of law. I pray that you would grant her the grace to own up to her sin and the faith to trust you completely with the response. We commit her to you for judgment and know that your judgements are true and right. We ask for mercy that her load would be lightened, and grace for her to face the consequences in the strength of a daughter of the Most High.

    "We pray for Kel's husband, that he would be strong on her behalf and that he would be the priest in the home that you have made him to be. Help him guide his family in righteousness and peace in the midst of this turmoil. Grant forgiving hearts in all in this home and help them pull together, closer to you, and not run away from you or each other in hurt or anger. In Jesus' name we pray, amen."

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