Some Unusual Signs and Wonders

Gold Dust from Heaven – I and many others saw it! – I, Michael Fackerell, am yet another witness to the strange sign of ‘gold’ dust that appeared on the face and body of one of God’s servants as she was testifying to her healing from terminal cancer of the blood.

The Miracle Of Fire In My Furnace

A Sign from Heaven – Rocky Chambers tells of an unusual sign the Lord gave him regarding the salvation of a family member he’d only briefly witnessed to before his death.


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  1. That was a BEAUTIFUL testimony! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  2. Esteria says:

    On good friday evening i was caught up in heaven while i was in a crusade.I saw the Father and christ sitted at the throne and i was 40 steps hearing senses was ok but others were a blink of an eye i saw myself laying and christ’s face was on my face and i touched his purest of white hair and He smile.He turned his face and He looked at the father and the father smile.I was caught up in holy laughter and i couldnt stop laughing.The more He smiled…the more i laughed.He walked away as in floating backward to the father and i blew kisses…many of them and He smiled.I was so flooded by love and peace that when i can to my senses i was laying b4 the pulpit and the service was finished and people had gone except my pastor and church members.when i released i was back on earth i cried so hard because i just wanted to be in His glory forever.This is the third time i saw Christ jesus,my life,passion,my anchor, my sanity,my dream, my desire, my source, my strength, my portion, my inheritance, lover of my soul, my All in All.

    I’ve come to release this truth as i walk with Him and that is when i find Him….i find myself because im born of Him and im in HIM and He in me.I love prayer and can never have enough of it because of the love that He showed and showered me with.If you dont pray daily you are saying you dont believe in God.Whoever believes in Him will always have communion with cannot see Him and not touch Him.His more real to me than anything that i see and tuoch in the natural.My desire is that may we all know Him and walk blamelessly before Him.Live in His presence and be filled with His Spirit daily…..God is Love

    • what a lovely testimony it is. but l think its is also teaching that you were showed to reveal to us, the kind of love,care that is full of joy, laughter and smiles that we as children of God should share or should have in our hearts…The reason you cried it was because you did nt want to come back, but God doesnt want you to cry he wants you to express the same feelings you did exprience at a level you are at. you are blessed, highly favoured and a chosen one among others to see such things especially in a time of prayer.GOD BE PRAISED. it now our duty to spread the steadfast love that he is always showin to us.

      • debra506 says:

        I must say that you are so right about love I think that was another reason this happened to me because in my hospital bed I felt someone wrap their arms around me and i never felt a love such as i was feeling, I knew this had to be the Lord even as I think about it it now my eyes have become full of tears. after all these years I am just realizing just how much God love and favored me now that you mention love. Wow what a world this would be if we could share love with each other like god share with us. You must be real child of God anointed and appointed to his will.

        Pastor Debra

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