TV Church Can’t Help Man with Evil Problems

I cannot begin to tell you how many Christians contact me who have gone to their churches for help with their evil problems and been denied.

The latest man who contacted me told me that he has been going to his church, after taking Jesus as his savior one year ago, and has visited his church 2 or 3 times a week complaining to them that he is having spiritual problems. He was feeling darkness around him. Feeling his prayers were not being answered.

This famous TV church, with two very famous and very rich pastors, have told him, "You're fine. You're saved. God will fix it in time." WRONG ANSWER.

The man has been living in darkness all of his life. And chose to turn away from his past, in which he made many mistakes consulting psychics, ouijia boards, mediums. These are all openings to evil that need to be prayed over, repented over, and closed. How can a famous church ministering to hundreds of millions of people not know this? 

But this is not uncommon. Some of the people who write to me say they went to the elders of their church and were made to feel as if they were mentally ill. So much so, that they were driven from the church to find another!

This must stop! The church is supposed to be a place of refuge, of answers to spiritual problems. But if famous TV churches can't help this man, who is going to? And what kind of help can people really rely on from this church if basic spiritual knowledge is lacking? Where does that leave these poor people? They turn to the internet.

Type black magic help in google and you will be appalled at how many thousands of black magic web-sites you will find. People have nowhere to go for help! With problems that Jesus could fix easily if they knew the proper prayers!

It is just not acceptable to me that people who are presenting themselves as counselors or advisors to churchgoers lack basic understanding in identifying satanic bondage. Of course, this wisdom often comes from God, but it can also come from others who teach it. However, there is a lack of open-mindedness about these topics in most churches. Since that is the case, then there should be some guidelines created within the church about who is qualified to lead the people.

Basic fundamental spiritual wisdom in regards to the workings of Satan is lacking in the Christian churches, and it must change.


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