Trying to Find an Old Singing Teacher

Newbie here.

I am 46 and learned the bel canto technique when I was in my early 20’s. My teachers were my father and his teacher, Buddy Fields. Do any of the oldtimers (sorry) remember a bel canto teacher named Buddy Fields? His wife was Nancy and his studio was on the Upper West Side in NYC (West 70’s).

I am looking for writings he might have published before his death in the 80’s I believe. As well as recordings that might be out there of his vocalese(?).

I recently joined my church choir for the Lenten Season and we are going to perform Faure’s Requiem. It has been a long time since I “did” a voice lesson with the bel canto technique. I can already feel my voice straining as I attempt to hit notes above staff (as 1st tenor).

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