Truly Becoming a Christian After God Showed Himself

My experience with truly accepting Jesus into my life may not appear nearly as "dramatic" as some other Christians' testimonies but I assure you it was very real and it was powerful enough for me to give my life to a being that I can't see and can't touch, in a physical and materialistic sense. I say my experience with "truly" accepting Jesus because although I was raised as a Christian I never really knew what it meant to be a Christian. I didn't realize that accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior and asking him into my life was the most crucial step.

I eventually fell away from Christianity all together because it just wasn't working for me. Going to church became a chore for me and I would find ways to get out of doing it. Anything good that happened in my life, especially when it happened at just the right time, I classified as coincidence.

God was just an entity that was always there in the background but that I never spent much time thinking about. I don't even remember what I thought about Jesus. I had learned that he was the Son of God and died for my sins but I think that was more of a fairy tale to me then.

When I left for college and was on my own in terms of what I did and did not do I felt free of the guilt I felt for asking my parents if I could stay home from church. They weren't there with me so what will they care if I don't go now I would think.

Eventually I actually began looking at other religions, Buddhism especially. It fascinated me. I began to learn more and more about the religion until I finally decided to spend a weekend at one of the Zen monasteries near where I live. I felt like I learned so much that weekend and to my surprise that learning experience practically drove me back to Christianity. It didn't make me accept Christ but it got me looking into it deeper.

I began to read everything I could find to learn about Christianity (everything but the Bible of course). I still wasn't going back to church but at least I was getting closer.

I finally came across the Christian-Faith website and I began reading things that I never thought about before. I think the most important thing that I read, the straw that broke the camel's back if you will, was the line that talked about asking Christ to show himself to me in a way I would understand so that I could accept him before it was too late.

Well, that was at the beginning of a busy week for me. I had two big tests coming up. On the first test there was to be a section included that I was having a very difficult time with. The other test was on the hardest material that we had had that semester in that class. Both tests were going to be on Wednesday of that week. Monday morning I was walking down to the class that the first test was going to be in. I remember thinking to myself, although I never said anything out loud and really didn't even intend for God to hear me, "Wouldn't it be cool if God showed himself to me with these tests somehow."

I got to my class and for what appeared to be no reason at all the teacher informed us that Wednesday's test would not include that one section that I was having a difficult time with. Well I was dumbfounded to say the least. I know I never intentionally prayed for this to happen but I did think it and it happened.

But I didn't accept Jesus Monday. The rest of Monday and all day Tuesday I did almost nothing but think about the most important decision of my life; Whether or not to accept Jesus. After all, I still had so much to learn about being a Christian. I didn't want to take that step until I knew what was expected of me. I didn't want to do this if I wasn't prepared to be the best Christian I could be.

But Tuesday night I finally gave in to the feeling that had been consuming me it seemed. I knew that all I had to do to become a Christian was accept Jesus into my life, acknowledging him as my Savior and Lord and repent of my sins, and that once I did that God would help guide me to becoming a better Christian.

So I broke through the barrier that I had built between Jesus and me. I accepted him into my life. I repented of my sins. I lay there on my bed crying and asking for forgiveness before drifting off into sleep.

Then came Wednesday, time for the tests. The miracle had already been done for the first test when that troublesome section was taken out of it. Now the test I was worried about was the one I had that night; the Math course whose instructor didn't allow calculators, didn't allow formula sheets, didn't answer any questions one may have on the test problems if he had mentioned something similar even in casual conversation.

On my way down to this test I prayed. I prayed that God would guide me on this test. I didn't want Him to do the test for me but I wanted Him to guide me to do what it is He wanted me to do on it. I trusted Him and so I was no longer worried about the test. If I failed it so be it. If I passed it with flying colors so be it.

As the tests were handed out and I was sitting there looking at the first question something very supernatural happened. That hard-core instructor of mine who never gave any leeway whatsoever stood up and asked, "I'm just curious if anyone wants me to put some formulas on the board for you." Every hand in the room went up so he put formulas on the board. Not just formulas but EVERY formula that was needed for the test. I was speechless.

I knew what had happened. God was there and had answered my prayer. On my way back up to my room I said another prayer. "Lord, if I ever doubt you again, remind me of this night." I have been going strong in my faith and have not doubted since. 

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