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Our God is a living God! Millions of people around the world from all different backgrounds find miracle healing, forgiveness and love through Jesus in our day! What the Lord did for others, he can do for you.


Over the years I’ve published these testimonies, mostly obtained from emails sent from viewers. You can contact many but not all of these authors via email. I was not an eyewitness to most of these stories. They are published in good faith. If you have information on any of these reports you may write me.

To encourage you to share whatever God has done in your life, I invite you to read this article on The POWER of YOUR testimony. One of my friends who wrote his testimony and put it on my site is getting close to 100 visitors a month and many emails from around the world. Why don’t you add your testimony for God’s glory? Register on the site and post your testimony. Comments that were formerly posted on this page have been moved to the testimonies forum.

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  1. hi when I was 7yr old my dad passed away I was like a body without life everybody was crucial with me like I am trash but my mom understood me after a year my faith towards God increased I used to talk with him in my mind everyday I tell him that today this happend that life was great everyone treat me as a precious ornament but later.when I was 16yr I was too busy with my own life the voice of god I can’t hear anymore in my mind.every field I try my best but at the end I used to failed.I felt guilty,hurt,sore my life was miserabl everyone used to make fun of day I went church I cryed a loud.I paryed to God plz hold my hand again I want to hear your voice again plz help me support me make me new person,forgive my day I can hear his voice again he hold my hand I know he is their for me

  2. Hi Michael,
    I tried to register at but I see that because of the CAPTCHA being down, we cannot yet register. I have two testimonies that I’d like to share. I sent a Friend request by Facebook so you know who I am, and also you can contact me by the email above.

    God Bless,
    Bill Griffin

  3. Marilena Fackerell says:

    Sorry Sonia, but we don’t think it is safe to pass phone numbers via websites as others people collect them as well so we will not be approving this post. If you need any help or prayer or want to contact someone on the website, just contact us and we will see what we can do. God bless you and keep you. Marilena Fackerell

  4. sonia odeh. says:

    Really impressed with all diss testimonies. Having sum challenges tht is really getting me down. Plsssss I will love to be registered.

  5. Rachel Francis says:

    Prayer in Time Saves Four

    On 31st December 2005, I declined a lucrative offer from my friends to ring in the New Year at a pub downtown and instead chose to spend the last moments of the year at Church. All the while, my mind was drifting towards the revelries outside but I decided to focus on God and pray. Raised in an Orthodox Christian family with Christian virtues, I was considered the black sheep of the family for my bratty behavior and outspokenness. My sister was sober, docile, meek, and humble. I remember most of our near and dear ones referring to her as “Job” of the house and me, “Jacob-the cheat.” On a hot summer morning in 2006, my dad woke up with his face twisted to the right and his right eye was closed. He couldn’t talk, eat or drink and we got all panicky. We called the doctor who diagnosed his condition as Bell Palasy and was advised lots of rest and heavy medication. This definitely took a toll on my mother, who fell very ill and used to sleep all day. Though my sister and I dismissed it off as over exertion, heart of hearts, I knew something was terribly wrong. Sometimes, I would go near her, wake her up and ask her if she was alright, she would then smilingly reply, “I’m as fit as a fiddle”, walk around the garden and go back to sleep like a dead man. She looked pale and sick but we sisters were too busy to notice as we took up jobs to cover the mounting medical expenses and had to take care of our parents as well as the household chores. It was quite taxing and despite medication and attention, my parents’ health was gradually deteriorating. One fine morning, my sister couldn’t get off the bed or talk. She was running temperature but her body was cold, immediately I took her to hospital and after a series of medical tests doctors declared she had pneumonia, dengue fever, viral fever, jaundice and measles all at the same time. I was the only physically strong person in the house shouldering all the responsibilities with a confused state of mind. I didn’t inform my parents and whenever Dad inquired about my sister I told him, she was doing an extra shift at office and whenever was home from work, he was sleeping. As for mom, she used to sleep all day and never interacted much. At the hospital where my sister was admitted, the nurse who befriended me suspected that, mom had some serious medical condition and it would be better if I admitted her. Despite mom’s feeble resistance and weak protests, she was admitted and the doctors were amazed that she was still alive. Her blood count was 2.3 and had uterine fibroids. This of course was my breaking moment and I wept by my mother’s bed hoping for help, comfort and someone to give me courage. Suddenly, I could see a white light coming closer to me and even though my eyes were shut, it seemed real. A little inner voice told me, “You are in God’s presence.” I started praying fervently and never felt such peace. I felt new and lighter as if a heavy load was taken off my shoulders, I was reborn. This was for real and since then I never stopped praying. Miraculously, my dad got better within a week and was helping me take care of my sister and mother. My sister took six months to recover and never had any relapses. As for mom, it took over a year for her to get completely healed. Though, I faced many trials in 2006, I never regretted any of it as it drew me closer to God. The only regret I had was that, I was too caught up in my own lifestyle that I forgot to give quality time to God and if I would have prayed a little early, maybe my family would be sickness free. After feeling guilty about it, my inner voice spoke up again and said, “God has His own time, chosen one and a different way of bringing back His lost sheep.” After seeing death so close my sister and mother decided to start a prayer group and I joined in too. We used to start our prayer at 12 in the midnight and used to let it go on till we fell asleep, which apparently never took place. I remember being able to sit all night praying and be energetic at work, the next day. I started having visions of angels protecting my family and my face used to glow. From “Jacob- the cheat”, I became “Joseph- the dreamer”, and I was quite happy with the promotion. One day while praying, God showed me a vision, I seen my paternal uncle and he was holding a voo doo doll. I prayed and asked God the meaning of this vision. I had seen my house and my mother standing beside it. I shared this with her and she told me that when I was a toddler, our grandfather asked us to leave the house and live elsewhere, but soon he realized how empty it was, called us back and divided the property into two equal halves, one for my dad and the other for my uncle, who wanted the whole house for himself. Soon, his greed surpassed him and he resorted to Witchcraft to finish all of us up one by one and mom was the first on his hit list. It was in 2006, where he chose a weak moment and attacked us, but when God brought us back, my uncle’s voo doo magic backfired and his family was in great danger. As our prayers grew stronger, he tried hard but his spells grew weak and whatever harm he wanted to cause reverted back to him threefold. There was ill health in his family, marital discord, his only daughter and the apple of his eye fell seriously ill. He looked for ways and means to fight with us verbally so that we would get tempted, back slide and he could use that weak moment again, but we never let it happen and prayed for a spiritual change in him. One night, we could see black shadows surrounding our house; we couldn’t believe it and went outside. Nobody was there and when came inside, the black shadows towered over our living area and were bloating up. In full faith we prayed and mom screamed, “In Jesus name I command you, go back to the place you came from. Amen.” Suddenly, these shadows shrunk and jumped out of the ventilators and windows. We were astonished and thanked God all night for his miracle. Next morning, we received the news that my uncle had a heart attack and he died. We immediately rushed to the hospital, his body was all bloated up and his face was dark without the glow of death. Near and dear ones who visited us to pay their condolences were shocked with his premature death. I was affected too and asked God that only if You had given him a chance, he would have survived, why You didn’t change the course of his life and bring him on the right path. Just then, the inner voice interrupted my thoughts and said, “God waits for His children to come back to Him, but they lose faith and resort to Pagan Gods for instant solution, still the Lord waits upon them. But when they despise Him and submit their soul to the Devil, He leaves their hand.”

    • May the grace of God abide with you.I am going through some staff in my life but through your testimony I am believing God for a miracle.your testimony strengthened me.

  6. ann johnson says:

    I would like to testify how God visited me as he did Elijah. May the Lord witness with your spirit of the truth of my words. I was sitting at my kitchen table one night reading about Elijah by the brook of Cherith and how the raven came to feed him. Even though I did not speak it out loud, I heard doubt speak in my heart and this is what it said, ” How on earth can a bird bring a man enough to eat?” A short time later, I was on my way to Church and from the left hand side of my car a black bird flew down in front of my windshield and in it’s mouth was a great portion of food. It was such an amount that would possibly make two bites. I immediately knew it was the work of the Lord. I said, “yes, Lord you can do anything.” The bird continued to fly in a straight path at eye level in front of my windshield for a short distance . Even in my doubt, Jesus was faithful to His word. I hope this testimony will help us all to realize that even in the perilous times we are facing, Jesus will take care of His people and He is a very present help in time of trouble. Love, grace, and peace to all the Saints of God. Yours in Christ, Ann J..

    • Ann,
      What a wonderful response to your doubt about the Raven who fed Elijah. Hearing you story helps me understand better how God works. I’d say he wants badly to let you (and all of us) know that He exists. What a ‘co-incidence’!

  7. very powerful

  8. dear all,
    praise the lord.
    i was read everyone comments. yes everyone said their feelings. but i say to everyone pls pray for all. i have seen an accient pictures i could nt see that one. even child also did for our routine life. i request to all Christians pls pray to everyone. bec we are having blessing to get from god.
    with regards,

  9. darrell jackson says:

    please pray for my family in high point ,nc
    i really need god and ask for his help and love.

    best regards,
    Darrell Jackson

  10. The Women with the issue of blood says:

    One day I was walking down my street it was a nice hot summer day. So as I was walking my face began to drain with a liquid substance I didn’t no where it came from, so I went home didn’t think nothing of it and wiped my face of with a wet towel , so weeks had past and it had gotten worse every time I went outside my top layer of skin started to bubble up with a liquid and when it settled it would form a thick crust, like dried up Elmer’s glue when you peel it off but thick layer. It was itchy burning irrataing it covered my hole face up.

    Months past it was worse then it was ever before it covered 70% of my body my hands arms neck my knees was aching from it it felt like I had arthritis, it was unbearable. When my mother used chemchels the fumes from the chemicals would sting the wombs, I would take hot showers and the water would peel the first layer of skin and my skin would weep with watery substance that came out my skin.

    So my mom she very spiritual saved saintified and feeled with precious Holy Spirit. We decided to go to emergency then to a dermatologist then to a clinic, it was like a cycle all they did was shoot me up with steroid shots and peels and creams . They had me use this black tar cream to put on my skin the smell was so strong my nose couldnt even bear it was the weirst cream I ever had. Then the doctor prescribed to go and get my allergies tested no allergies at all. I was getting worse and worse people was asking was I a burnt victim. I was missing weeks and weeks of school because I was embarrassed. I wanted to commit suicide give my life up. I was in a spiritual war fare .

    But through the mist of it all me and my mom stayed prayed up we prayed everyday faithfully continuously never gave up on Jesus. When I was suffering she was there with me crying. You know how you study for an exam every day so you can pass so you can get to the next step that’s how we were you can’t give up always have faith. She always told me to say,” by his strikes I am healed by Jesus strikes I am healed”,” when two come together it she’ll be done”.

    See it didn’t just happened it wasn’t something that just came up on my life like a skin disease it was more then that. He wanted my attention, he wanted me to have FAITH in Him and not man. I realized that, and he sent my mother along with me on this journey because she was strong in the spirit, but we couldn’t do it without Jesus. We were like his solders in his army and not mans.

    Just like the women with the issue of blood, she went to every doctor until she didn’t have nothing left. Until she saw Jesus and touched the hem of his garment and by her faith she was healed. Our faith could be small as a mustard seed God always answer our prayers on time, but not on your time. When you least aspect it waiting on The Lord and being patient.

    So 13 yrs later im a miracle, I’m saved saintified and filled with the spirit. I’m still growing in my faith and in I’m a walking miracle my skin is clear as day and I haven’t had a break out yet. Until this day I don’t no what was wrong with my skin but Im not questioning it no more because it was all because I trusted in Jesus.

    I pray and worship him and the spirit sends me messages and I tell whomever the message belong to. Like one day I was reading my bible and the spirit was with me and he told me To go to your cousins house and pray over her stomach and I obeyed and went and did as he said. She was looking at me like I was crazy, but didn’t care I’m doing his work I’m giving him the glory not me. Then the next day she ate something greasy and that night she had very painfully cramps. So her mother took her to the emergency room the doctors tested her and they said she was bleeding on the inside of her stomach, they told her to stay way from greasy foods not to eat them. I have so many stories to tell and God is still in my life.

    I hope someone will be touched by my journey,
    Be blessed,

    • I like your story. It blessed me and strengthened my faith as I’m going through some hard times right now. Can’t wait to see what God does next! Thanks for sharing

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