Tough times are coming – its our opportunity

Gerald Celente is a very astute secular commentator who normally gets it right when forecasting trends. Here he is forecasting very dire things for the United States and for the world generally – an increase in crime, a tax revolt, empty shops and so on.

However, none of this is taking God by surprise. And in fact I would say, that this economic and political crisis will create genuine opportunities for us to show the love of God to people, and to speak to people about eternal things. Let’s not waste the opportunity. For too long people in the West have been mighty complacent. This is all about to change. We need to stir ourselves up in God and go and preach the eternal Kingdom of God. People will be more interested now in something of eternal value.

What do YOU think?


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  1. Michael,

    I have tapped Gerald Celente’s squeeks for some time- in his secular heart does he hope to be right? I hope not.

    I could point to determining factors such as the uptake of US Federal debt. Take note Hillary Clinton’s comments with respect to China “Economic Survival has precedence over human rights”- indicating that lining up the Creditors was the purpose behind her recent foreign mission.

    Tax Revolt? it would have to come from the US middle class. The US middle class has a remarkable inertia that locks down their butts- real hunger pangs might do it.

    Total collapse of the dollar- only if the US goes the route of qualitative easing (printing money). As in the Greek dilemma one is not forced onto the two horns of the bull- there are other paths- like hit the bull square on the forehead!(nationalize and tidy up the banks for the short-term)
    My instinct is that the real terror will come from an international provocation- not in the Middle East but one that will rip through present day treaties that hold together the fabric of global co-operation. Then pressure points like the Middle East will explode. For students of history remember that the first world war was provoked by a little known incident involving the tiny state of Serbia Wait and see…

    Nations are bent by the Will of God, this is a fact- 9/11 did not happen by Islamic Extremist will-nor did the current Financial crisis.

    What is the root of God’s beneficence towards man? Surely it is the family. Was this not the first institution ordained by God? We have moved past the troubled family to the diseased and failed family. As much as Israel is a thermostat pointing to the prophetic calendar, the state of the family is a thermostat pointing to God’s judgment on Mankind. By this token, the axe is poised over the roots- ready to chop.

    Opportunity to witness, to draw in the anxious.

    I disagree, I believe that the true opportunity lies in evangelically minded believers- rejecting the world, so that they might be mightily filled by the Holy Spirit. . One barely has to pray- and the doubtful is convicted!

    The key is being emptied of the world. Think of it like this- we are filled to the extent that we have been emptied. No more, no less. As we are emptied we pray for a mighty infilling- for those who believe they are baptized in the Holy Spirit- set that aside and pray for a mighty falling of the Spirit- this is how Dwight Moody and Reuben Torrey …. they all did so in this way.

    Then see what happens, believers and unbelievers alike will fall like skittles. All the good things that flow from Pentecost will be manifested to the Gospel’s glory. And yes, the troubled hungry people will bang on the church doors (or the home cell front door or whatever door is open).

    But the difference is so- they will truly be convicted of sin, anguished over their transgression and their confession will reach the Son! As a result they will be born again, filled with a desire for the New Jerusalem’s treasures rather than a false mandate to be blessed as they pile up credit.

    my motto is simple don’t talk what one does not walk.

  2. we already in them im in it rite now but god will be by my side and by urs to so dont look back

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