Today Is March 25

There comes a time when everything else seems dull, hopeless and utterly mundane. Nothing seems to inspire you anymore. But somewhere, from everywhere or nowhere, there is a nagging feeling that deeply fuels your need to escape, perhaps to a place like this and to a time as this.

You have to learn to acquaint yourself gracefully with other people whom you do not personally know, as they like you, sip hot or cold coffee, let time pass by and look around the surroundings. It is in looking around and getting focused that you can begin to see things, new things, including yourself in a new light.

It’s best to educate oneself about the culture of serenity and contentment…to learn how to resolve struggles for conflicts, unbelief, frustrations, hopelessness and other negative thoughts, so as to dispel them all by entrusting them all to the Lord, the God of all gods, the God of Miracles.

This feeling can shed light with the story in the New Testament, when during a squall on the lake, Jesus’ disciples, were terrified having seen the rising waves…they all called to Jesus whom they found sleeping in the cabin, “Don’t you care if we perish?”…

“Would God not really care?”

(let me instruct myself now…) “Dinah, God cares. In all ways, He does. In every circumstance, He does. At all times, He does. Be calm now, as you look around, look to yourself, let God handle your concerns…embark on an enriching journey of faith. Trust the Lord always and heed Him. Take a deep breath as you will have to experience once more, just like before, His incomparably, soul-satisfying grace and love throughout this year and ahead…
Moreover, love yourself enough. Be free from the bustling street. Despite the inevitable changes that will come into your life, crave for the serenity and soothing sound of God’s love.”

Another thing, Dinah, never let the evil fossilize the faith God had taught you and placed in your heart. Keep writing about His love. In such way, you will see your faith increase as you reminisce and regard His omnipotence from your past, to your present and even your future. Call Him your God forever and that is what your life is about.

Today is march 25, 2012 and I write this note to thank my Creator.

*dinah musa

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