To Trust or To Love

Enemies attack you, only friends can betray you! So is it better to love and not expect anything in return cause to trust means an expectation of man that he will always do what is right by you. But to think such is the heart of a fool and not of a wise man. Did not Jesus love Judas and was he not betrayed by him and did he not love Peter and was betrayed by him. He knew he would of been betrayed but he loved any way, Love doesn’t live with the expectation that man is perfect. Love gives when it knows it will be betrayed, love give its life when he knew his greatest sacrifices will still be turned away by men. The only one that you can totally trust in, is God. So trust in God to make all things possible, for he will influence the hearts of men to fulfil his word over your life. I know this may sound harsh but I put it another way, you have many friends and persons you know, but you only trust a few of them with your secrets. Everyone you love you don’t trust and it will be foolish to do such.

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