To the one true God who holds justice and blessing

God I cry out to you, weigh my heart and judge not my sin let me enter your assembly with a clean heart based on the blood of Christ. This night I seek You until the dawn please be gracious to your son.

Bless the work of my hands and heart restore justice to me! All my days may I seek You in all thoughts and deeds. Make my life as a living prayer. Help me consider You in all things. Restore to me what evil has sought to remove from me. I have clung onto Your statutes as if they were gold or life itself. Heal my brokenness and fill me with Goodness under the protection of your house.

Return to my linage according to Your love and justice. With out You I am nothing, God You alone fill me and supply all my needs according to YOU’RE WILL!

Let me find you, and You me. My belief is being shaken, the hurt of this world has taken much of the work of my hands and heart. Did I offend You? Show me how, that I may still change!

You alone are my blessing, the work of Your hands is imperishable. Let my life be a living praise to Your work. A testimony of Your faithfulness.

I am out of strength, struggle with those who pit themselves against me. Lead me home. Let me rest in Your courts, and find peace and supplication for eternity. I love you.

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