To the one true God who holds justice and blessing

God I cry out to you, weigh my heart and judge not my sin let me enter your assembly with a clean heart based on the blood of Christ. This night I seek You until the dawn please be gracious to your son.

Bless the work of my hands and heart restore justice to me! All my days may I seek You in all thoughts and deeds. Make my life as a living prayer. Help me consider You in all things. Restore to me what evil has sought to remove from me. I have clung onto Your statutes as if they were gold or life itself. Heal my brokenness and fill me with Goodness under the protection of your house.

Return to my linage according to Your love and justice. With out You I am nothing, God You alone fill me and supply all my needs according to YOU’RE WILL!

Let me find you, and You me. My belief is being shaken, the hurt of this world has taken much of the work of my hands and heart. Did I offend You? Show me how, that I may still change!

You alone are my blessing, the work of Your hands is imperishable. Let my life be a living praise to Your work. A testimony of Your faithfulness.

I am out of strength, struggle with those who pit themselves against me. Lead me home. Let me rest in Your courts, and find peace and supplication for eternity. I love you.

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  1. lhdevault says:

    The Lord is the most high God and blessed above all the powers that exist. When his servant’s cry is heard in the heavens, Yahweh shall bend the heavens toward the earth. The Lord will make great haste to come to the aid of a faithful person who has the heart to fight, even though he may lack the stamina. The Lord shall conceal His coming so as to keep His enemies unaware. God will thunder in the heavens with great rage at the affliction and slander of His adopted child. The Lord will dispatch his arrows. [Literally angels to afflict His enemies, which also are the foes of His servant.] These angels will also minister and strengthen His splendid [Human] fighter.
    At this same time God will release His restraint of evil. [Coals of fire] The wicked will literally become consumed by their own deceit, They will also be directly assaulted by the angels in that the evil spiritual source of their power will be taken away. These evil people in utter desperation will cry out to the one true God, but it will be to late. Yahweh will not pay attention to their prayers.
    Now comes the imperative of the fighter servant, He will over take the unrighteous enemies of God and himself. His feet will not slip. The servant of the God most high will beat them as fine as the dust that blows before the wind. God through his servant children will utterly destroy His enemies and their influence! No evil will be left when the servant fighter is done.
    As a result of this lopsided victory, God will be the source of Praise and His servant will be well respected because of it. Finally this adopted child of God through Christ [David] will praise the One true God forever.

    supporting scriptures
    Paul said this fight is not just that of flesh and blood but also against the spiritual forces of evil in heaven.

    James says, that you do not have because you do not ask. Later he says that you may not receive blessing from above if you are not intending to act it out. [Faith and works]

    All believers will be tested, some more than others.

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