THY GRACE- Was I not with the heart of “Pharaoh”?

Praise The Lord once again for the wonders He did in my life. Here, I wish to narrate one of it which I took very lightly that time but proved to be His Grace only.
I enlisted in the army as a soldier in the year 1963 at par with my educational qualification which was not at my satisfactory level. My eager was to study more and I got a chance to join The Army Education College to specialize in foreign languages, that too in Chinese (Mandarin). I found myself hard-working to attain a better standard and in my completion of graduation I attained the top level in the same.
In the bargain I found myself in the list of persons earmarked for the chance to be the “transcriber” in Chinese, on my option of the completion of the course and I was easily selected for the same. We were undergoing on job training for the “transcriber” appointment when the offer as translator in Chinese for the transcribers already there on job was announced, who were about 60 in total. The department had to fill-in 10 vacancies as translators where as the chance was to the transcribers to occupy the same.
In one of the trials the headquarters found the transcribers turned up almost 50 in numbers not sufficiently competent to be a useful translator, the exam conductors made an amendment to the orders to include the newly earmarked persons for the post of “transcribers” in case the transcribers attending the written exam does not qualify with at least a minimum marks of 50 %. It was a fine news for we,the incumbent transcribers that we will be include in the written examination. It was a hidden tussle between the old and new transcribers when the said orders were public, not to allow the new incumbents to get on the post of translator which is a commissioned rank and which falls far ahead than the transcriber.
I informed the matter to one of my sisters, who happened to be a true believer and very strong in prayers, who in reply told me “God will prove that he loves you that you will be selected to the post of a translator and I shall pray for it”. Although I accepted her words in my verbal expression, but inwardly I murmured “even if God Almighty himself stands in the examination hall I will not be counted as qualified”.
The examination began. First day, the time was from 9 AM to 12. The regular transcribers were given seats in one big hall having only seats sufficient for them. We the new comers were provided seats on the corridor in front of the offices of the conducting officers, who had direct access to us, 10 in numbers. We all attended the exam. The exam was almost at its last leg. 10 more minutes left. All of the persons attending the exam were busy either inside the room or on the corridor, to finish of the paper within 10 more minutes ahead. A senior officer, a smoker in habit, rose to his legs, got out liting his cigarette, loitered along our table side, looked at us attending the question, walked little ahead, stood at the back door of the room where the old transcribers were attending the exam, and was casually looking at the persons writing the exam, he suddenly shouted to one of the persons in the hall to “stand up”, went near him and asked him to handover the piece of paper kept under his answer sheets, and on snatching the same, he found it the answer for almost all the difficult questions in the question paper of the day! The said officer asked him from where he got it, he pointed out to another attendee of the exam and like wise almost all of the persons were involved in passing on the piece of papers from one end to the other. The officer ordered to stop writing the exam, asked every body to stand up, snatched the answer papers immediately, sent for immediate valuation and it was observed that almost all of the attendees scored more than 80 % of the exam that day. He being the authority, cancelled that particular paper, asked another responsible officer to prepare questions, ordered for re-exam to be held in the afternoon from 2 to 5.
The exam was very strict. Almost all of the officers were made to watch the exam, no body allowed to look right or left, and the result proved only 8 out of 50 could score minimum qualifying marks of 50 %! Two persons from the outsiders were announced as included in the final list in which my name was on the top.
It was really a shocking experience and unbelievable as far as me was concerned! I was overwhelmed on the result and understood the love of God which cared for me, and my sister who sincerely fasted for me and prayed for my selection as Moses prayed to God to forgive Pharaoh for his sinful torture of God’s people,the Israelite, I too forgot His agape love and again lost in the sinful behavior as a soldier.
It was too late to understand He loved me unconditionally, never forsook me get always cared for me even I went astray as unfaithful sheep!
Yes Brother, or sister, He loves you. His love is unconditional. His love is everlasting. Praise Be to His Holy Name, Amen!

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