these last days

Hello. I was just sitting here thinking. Yesterday while I was in court awaiting my turn to make a plea deal.there was a gentleman in front of me getting sentenced. And from what I heard in his case he should of gotten no more than probation. But the judge gave him five years in prison!. So my lawyer points that out to me of course. Not sure why. Because my case should get probation too. But yea it scared me!. And made me think just how evil and awful these last days are becoming. I have a wonderful family. And I cherish each day I have with them. I see so much hurt and bad things happening to good people. Its sad and depressing. I have met a couple people from this site. And even they have bumps and bruises from life but they keep going on. It is so encouraging. If it wasn’t for my children. Im not sure that I would even be alive. But I am. So to all of you who keep trying. May God richly bless you

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  1. Holyroller_11 says:

    The great thing about being a King’s kid is no matter how high the mountain,the Lord will make it flat. There is no trial we will ever have that the Lord hasn;t already made a way even if there was no way. I know of a case where a friend of mine got into much trouble,to the point of 14 charges,looking at serous time. Serous prayer was made over a year,as the case kept being moved from 1 date til another, Finally the day came,court began,for some reason the court recorder became people waited and waited most of the morning to find a replacement,while all this time my friend’s attoney talked with the da. because of this a deal was made ,all big charges was dropped,a simple misdermeaner was charged and all was done. Don’t think God wasnt there and making a way where no way was possible. Who is able to pluck us out of his hand, there is none!! Praise God

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