The world – Egypt and consequences

I feel more urgency for prayer.
Just wanted to ask everyone to spend a little time in prayer for the world and the Lord’s saints.

In Yeshua with love,

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  1. dresserandkeeper says:

    The Lord has also laid upon my heart a sense of urgency. I’m not sure what the urgency is for yet but, I’m praying with you.

  2. horns4plenty says:

    I have been feeling same urgency!

    The Lord told me this week that I need to separate all my ties with pastors and friends who are fence straddling and get as far away from them as possible. I keep hearing in my spirit that the Lord is about to start removing the stumbling blocks to the gospel. I do know judgment always begins with the house of God. The refiners fire is coming and is going to refine what’s pure and burn up the false. I feel Like the Lord told me Satan is about to try and exterminate Christianity from the earth in much the same way Hitler did the Jews in the holocaust. When all is said and done, only a remnant, or the pure in heart will be left standing. So Satan is going to especially come after the saints to try and keep them from having a pure heart in the days ahead. Satan can not touch the green trees.

    Loving ,joyful, peaceful, patient, kindness, goodness, full of faith, self controlled, and gentle is how the heart of heaven beats, and this is my prayer that the saints hearts will beat in unison to the heart of heaven.
    Love in Christ

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