For men find value in Gold and Precious Stones but I will say that Jesus who is the word of God is more valuable than any of these stones and gold. I will use the comparison to these items to show men how God showed me how to value the word of God the precious word of God. His words never rise and fall in value; his words are not affected by economic conditions. His words are priceless no man can offer any amount of money to purchase his words or favour.

Listed Below is some phrases that God, give to me about the how to value and look at his words.

The words of Jesus are as gold for the man that sees and finds the worth in them, but for the man who doesn’t, there are only as the rocks of the field/pasture.
Jesus words are precious to his believers, his words are as a great treasure and we hide those words in our hearts (to hide those words we must first allow the word of God to break up the harden ground of our hearts and we must also do our part to do the same), we should also present these words to other believers of Christ and the

As a man digs deep within the earth to find gold so we as Christian need to dig deep within ourselves and the word of Jesus Christ to find the hidden treasures that are placed within us and his words.

Jesus Christ words have great value in them and if we see the awesome worth in those words we will understand the words of Christ makes us rich, rich in faith, rich in strength, rich in patients, rich in love, rich in Joy, rich in understanding, rich grace, rich in heaven, rich in wisdom, rich in wealth and rich in mercy etc. When Jesus said in the past and he is still saying up today layup treasure in heaven those treasures are dependent on the value we see in his words. He can tell what value we see in his words, for it is seen by our actions.

For as men are blind and can’t see so as there are men that are blind to the value of the words of Christ. For no man has great wealth or treasure gives it away to a man that will only waste it. So as it is with God and his words, it is his Greatest Value and he will not allow men to find the true worth in it, if it’s only for their selfish-gain.

Will a man that has a great treasure take that treasure and go and buy grass that will only wither away. So way as Christian do we exchange the words of Jesus Christ for the words of the world? We take our treasure which is his word and lay it aside then go and pick up the words of the world which will only bring deaf and condemnation.

Men may be able to search for gold and precious stone within the earth, the oceans, streams and rivers and take them at their pleasure. But as for the believers of Christ the treasure that is hidden within us no man can take from us, for it is hidden within a man’s heart and mind.

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