The Ten Kings.

We know that the EU will, at some point, undergo a transformation into the 10 kings phase. And as we have discussed many times before, it usually takes a crisis of some sort in order to precipitate such changes.

At the same time, we also need to remember that the Tribulation will herald the ultimate form of “central control”, as the antichrist and his partner, the false prophet (as a reminder I refuse to capitalize their titles) will assume complete control over the 10 kings. Therefore while we are watching for the evolution of the EU into the 10 kings phase, we would also expect to see the issue of “central control” increasing as well.

What do YOU think?



  1. Pohjanvuori says:

    …and you have it on what authority, that EU is the cradle of the antichrist? :0) Nostradamus? What makes EU so different from all other federalists’ daydreams in the world, say in Africa for example, or the long gone Soviet Union? Ye Olde Continent? What about the UN? Isn’t that another favourite “secret club” behind the New World Order?

    Facts please! Thank you!!

    • lookinforacity says:

      Hi Pohjanvuori

      With these two posts of yours, you come across as the definitive authority, on the subject of End Time Prophesy.
      Soooooooo, what is your scenario for the demise of all mankind?
      Is it based in 1948, with us being the Generation to see it all happen?

      Be Blessed

      • Pohjanvuori says:

        A prohet I am definitely not! :0) Which is why I enjoy reading texts by “people-in-the-know”. Like this recent fellow here, who said EU will become 10 kings. Where does he get his intel? I’m curious! So if You know, do tell! :0)))

        • Pohjanvuori says:

          … I consider myself old-school and prefer to stick to “ye know not the hour…” And, to cite Luther (I think?) somewhat freely: “if the world ends tomorrow, today I will plant an apple tree”.

          • Bikelite says:

            Time will Tell, just keep watching .Jesus Bless Israel is Gods Time Clock.

          • Bikelite says:

            Ten EU foreign ministers have spelt out radical suggestions to use the eurozone debt crisis as a springboard towards closer integration, including creation of a European monetary fund, a European army and a European finance minister.

          • Bikelite says:

            Very interesting why not AAAA 17 ministers, 3>>>> maybe 7>> But the number was 10!

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