The Stupidity of Diversity

I am using an anonymous question to 3chelon as the basis for this blog because I do not want the reply buried i nconversational threads. Since the person is anonymous, I hope they do not take personal offense here. This is a Christian board, and as a moderator, I have the obligation to keep the furniture arranged after this person who comes in under guise of learning and undertakes to overthrow the love and joy of fellowship we enjoy.

Diversity for diversity sake is foolishness.  Flat out and simply put it is STUPID, is that clear? If we all believe everything, we truly believe nothing and our lives are hence meaningless.

It is a stupid question to simply ask, "do you think diversity is a good thing for a healthy society?"

Why is it stupid? Because there is good, and there is evil. Once upon a time when there was just God, all was good. Then evil entered. The thing about evil, is that it is a taker, a user, and a destroyer. It is a spiritual cancer that seeks out life, consumes it and perishes with the last remnant squeezed out of those used thereby.

Hence, good and evil cannot coexist because evil is not satisfied with its own. It is compelled by an inner pride, greed, lust, to soil, diminish and ultimately destroy that which is good. When good sets up a standard and says, 'no farther,' then evil cries out that its not fair! It cries discrimination! It cries out for tolerance… Is it because evil is tolerant? No. Evil cries out for tolerance because it is like a parasite seeking a host. If the host tolerates the parasite, the parasite will multiply and destroy the host over time.

This is why when an atheist comes on a Christian board and cries "tolerance!" "tolerance!" "I want to LEARN from you," you will find them rebutting everything given as instruction and then demeaning and profaning the One True God, who alone is holy and righteous and just. They will even close their minds to a simple statement of fact that atheist governments are responsible for the deaths of millions of citizens, and make absurd statements that Buddhism, not communism, is responsible.

Thus the lie is revealed. The atheist we now encounter is simply baiting us with faulty logic that he is blind to. He claims to be willing to believe what he can see, but he will not receive the testimony of what I and fellow Christians have seen, nor the God I love dearly and embrace…

Warning to the board… "answer not a fool according to his folly, lest ye be like unto him." Pray for em, love em, but realize this man is so bound in intellectual pride that it will be an act of God, not man, that will save him. He is just like you and I were. Blind and in need of sight. Broken and in need of healing. When he sees his need, perhaps he will forsake the foolishness of questions without answers, learning and never being able to come to the knowledge of the truth. Em's answers will come from God, not man.

Do I forbid any to answer him. No. I am letting you know the nature of the situation that you may act accordingly. I have made a recommendation, I will judge no one for whether they agree with it or not.

"Do you think diversity is a good thing for society?" is a set up question. The politically correct response is "Yes, diversity is good for everyone!" The correct response is, "what are the components of the diversity you propose? Is it great to integrate chiild molesters in the public school system as teachers and coaches? Is it good to integrate rapists into the medical profession and gynecology? That is the diversity that claims tolerance, but erases, belittles, marginalizes all opposition once they gain the upper hand.

Communist Russia was probably killing millions of people because it was greek orthodox… its just that when the atheist government took power, they couldn't stand up to it I suppose… If one were to look, I would say the atheist governments have killed many more of there own citizens in the past century, than are even remotely attributed to Christianity throughout all the ages … multiple times over.

It all begins with a discussion and the insistence that one 'open their mind' to foolishness, for the sake of being open. My mouth is not open for poison, why would I open my mind to receive poison?

What do YOU think?



  1. Thank you for your response Timothy. I appreciate the things that you write and I believe that you truly love the Lord with all your heart. But as your brother-in-Christ, i must rebuke you for writing that God doesn’t know everything about our future. Here, I have to say that it is an incorrect assumption to make. God does know the future and what is to come. How can we have a God who is the same yesterday, today, and forever if he doesn’t know what is to come? How can we say that we can be confident that he will always be faithful if he doesn’t know what is to happen to us?
    I don’t think this de-bunks anything though. God still gave us free-choice. And we can and do exercise it. Although I wouldn’t go and say that this means that God doesn’t know what we’ll choose. I believe he does. But he still gives us that choice. Our choice truly is, whether we love him and serve him or not. It’s a fallacy to say that because we have choice, God doesn’t know the outcome. At the same time, it is fallacy to say that because God doesn’t intervene in our choices all the time, that he doesn’t exist. If God was constantly intervening in the free choice he gave us, why would he give us free choice in the first place?

    • Timothy Luke says:

      Thanks for considering what I wrote Zippy!  I believe God has the lay of the land when it comes to human nature and our tendencies. I guess it is one of those things that we can ask Him when we see Him.  Sometimes I think we state more as fact about God, than He states Himself… this is one of those areas, in my opinion.



  2. Well said Tim.
    This is an exposed effort to be the cancer in a healthy Body.
    After reading many of the ‘debated’ posts, I too saw that not one answer would be considered, appreciated yes, as each one was an opening for further strife.
    Clever wo/man, carefully used words, not interested in Christianity – only christians. For what reason, who cares!
    Reminds me of someone we know.
    2Th 2:4 comes to mind.

    Thanks for this post, brother!

  3. anonymous-em says:

    Hi tim,
    after explicitly responding to your points, I also wanted to respond to the thrust of your blog – i.e. your point is that diversity is evil.

    To do this, I thought I would highlight the extent of diversity in Christianity.
    Much of this is drawn from wikipedia, and other similar sources. I present them not to make a point in themselves, but simply to show exactly how diverse Christianity really is. After a few seconds of looking on wikipedia, I realized exactly what kind of task I’d potentially opened. Christianity is perhaps the singularly most diverse philosophy on the planet. There is simply no way I can usefully summarize it’s evolution, it’s development, it’s variation, changes, branchings, backtracks, leaps, bounds, falls and pick-ups.

    At this point, I think readers, if they have not already, should actually consult JUST wikipedia to see for themselves how INCREDIBLY diverse Christianity is. Just a handful of the more popular sects and even then, it’s vastly incomplete:

    Catholicism, Eastern orthodox, oriental orthodox, assyrian, apostolic, american catholic, bosnian, Brazilian, charismatic, celtic, Chinese patriotic, communion of Christ, free catholic. Protestantism, Lutheran, anglican, reformed, presbyterian, Congregationalism, Anabaptist, brethren, Methodist, pietists, Baptists, Pentecost,charismatic, african, united and uniting, Quakers, stone-campbell restoration, Southcotties, Lutherism, Millerism, british-isreal, gospel, India, family international, eternal grace, evangelical. Latter-day saints, apostolic united, fundamentalist. Oneness Pentecostalism, Unitarianism, Universalism, Swedenborgianism. Calvinism, reformation, independent christian…. and so , so many others.

    So – what do these all have in common?
    Christ, and the bible.

    Ah!, the bible!, also diverse:
    Biblegateway lists 108 different versions!, in 54 different languages!!
    And that’s only those that are known about up until about the 1500’s (or so, rough guess so don’t pick on it!).

    I can GUARANTEE you tim, if you asked 100 different people to explain your God, you’ll get 100 different descriptions or implicit meanings.

    Such INCREDIBLE diversity in Christianity.

    Tim, diversity is not “evil”, it never has been, it never will be – diversity is how humans grow and flourish; we OWE our existence to diversity (although perhaps you are not fully aware of how evolution works, so we’ll skip that for now) – but tim, without diversity, we are, by definition, exact duplicates. Your kids, your wife, you, are an exact copy of your parents – diversity is what allows you to have a life, it’s given you medicine, people to talk to, and more importantly, your kids.
    Would you WANT your kids to be an exact clone of you? Probably not – so you DO actually WANT diversity – just like anyone else, you don’t want evil, sure, but they are certainly NOT the same thing.

    Incredible diversity in Christianity tim – yet you maintain diversity is evil?

    • Timothy Luke says:

      You pose an open ended question with no parameters. In doing this, you are true to the doctrine of (not the Godly principle of) diversity.

      So, in the name of your diversity, we allow rapists to work in the women's health industry? We allow murderers to care for the elderly in nursing homes? After all, we don't want to hurt their feelings.

      Why is it when wonderful atheists, who preach diversity when they are on the perceived 'outside' so intolerant, brutish to the point of torture, brutal rape, murder, imprisonment of all opposition, when they come into power?

      You have simply denied the obvious and brushed their evil aside… thus becoming one with it.

      You have failed to answer that. You have refused to acknowledge it, even. You have showed for all the world to see that you have ZERO sincerity in your discussions on the board. You are here not to learn, but to promote absurd ideologies.

      Your time here as a guest is short. You have shown your true intents and they are not the stated ones that opened the door of our hearts to allow you here.

      We are not helping you and you are not helping us… so it is time for you to move on… that is my level of tolerance, you are free to do as you please outside our 'home'. Do you open the doors to your home for those who are ill-intentioned toward you? I think not, oh tolerant and diverse one. Please do not be a hypocrite and expect us to do what you do not…

  4. ElShaddaiChild says:

    I realized, when reading responses from the visitor, the familiarity of this person’s choice of words.

    There seemed to be more intellectual babble that only confused him or herself. I commented twice, but before I even read the second response from the visitor the Lord told me to read the response, but not to indulge the conversation any further.

    I’m glad He has allowed the majority of us to agree in spirit. There is nothing wrong with a person seeking apologetic explanation. But his words are akin to those of the adversary. Asking questions that cause the mind to focus on things other than the will of God. There is never any reason for a christian to entertain such thoughts, it’s foolishness, just as Timothy Luke quotes.

    Imagine the world in which we would live if Eve would not have entertained the “What if”, letting her mind ponder when she was outright told the end result.

    I don’t mean it in a demeaning way, it’s just as the Pharisees and even the apostle Peter and myself at one point had been used. The voice is too familiar.

    Anyway it just reminds us that the true war is against the “principalities of darkness”.

    Excellent insight in this post!!!

  5. Ye I agree with you, when I first saw my name I thought I did something wrong hehe (anonymous-em I don't intend any disrespect by talking about you in the third person) In my messages I didn't want to discuss or answer any questions directly, I just tried to convey what God says in His word in the hope the person would hear. I was willing to go to a point that I could clearly see the person is not willing to listen to God. I really have no, like no desire to go into some pointless discussion about the things brought up or questions or anything. Cause they go nowhere and they really do not profit the hearer, like you said Timothy.


    Good post



    • anonymous-em says:

      “I was willing to go to a point that I could clearly see the person is not willing to listen to God”

      It’s a bit perplexing that you keep saying this – and I keep giving you the same reply over and over. I’ll repeat it here.

      I AM listening. I am WIDE open.
      If he wants me to follow him (and he does, right?), then your God has to communicate to me in a way that makes sense, according to the way that HE made me!

      Sigh. this is very very strange, you’re simply not reading what I write, and then making strange conclusions from there…

      So – perhaps you won’t respond, but others might, so let’s see if I can respond to your point by very, very explicitly leading you into my logic:

      1. God made me, correct, or false?
      2. God knows everything, correct, or false?
      3. If god knows everything, correct? – that includes everything about me, past, present AND future. Morover, he knows exactly the thoughts I have, why I have them, and the reasoning I use to get there.

      do you agree with these three?
      If you do – then you can see why it’s logically impossible for me to be anything other than what I am, AND that God created me knowing EXACTLY what I am, and EXACTLY what I will be.

      Unless, of course, you maintain that God does NOT know everything?

      • Timothy Luke says:

        Em, God made Lucifer, and made him perfect in all his ways. Yet, God created him with freedom of choice and free will. You will say that because our choices have consequence they are not really free and so God is a fraud. This is because your premise is faulty and you refuse to listen to the premise that the Creator has put forth (Is it not understandable and indeed imperitive that a CREATOR should also set the perameters for their creation? Think Frankenstein for a second…)

        God sets the standards for life itself, because he is the author of life. He has eternal life that he gives as a gift to those who love his laws and keep them. If murderers and liars and thieves can inherit the Kingdom of Heaven, then the Kingdom of Heaven becomes Hell… because we all live an eternity with people who malign, torment, rape, murder and belittle us as they rob everything good we have and consume it on their own lusts.

        God is not going to allow that.

        So, here is where your logic breaks down, em.

        PREFACE: It is based on "em's" rules of logic. Here is where "em's rules of logic" violate common sense and God's rules… (pardon me if I am partial to God's rules above yours)

        1. God made me, correct, or false?

        I believe this, and all the ramifications of it. You do not, yet you are stating this as a basis for your conclusions. In this you are deceitful and disingenuous. You are setting us up to take us out for a ride, you yourself have no intention of going on… "Can some one hand me the cement boots as we make our way to the river please???"

        2. God knows everything, correct, or false?

        That issue is open to serious debate, even in Christian circles. In saying "correct," you will have just handed me the cement boots with which to swim in the river you are now taking me to…

        I shall surprise you by stating my truly held belief… NOT CORRECT. Here is why.

        In giving us freedom of thought, we are given freedom of originality of that thought. Bible basis for that conclusion is when Jesus told the Pharisees that they were of their father the devil, who was a liar and murderer from the beginning. (when one looks at the beginning of the person Lucifer, he was created perfect in all his ways. When you look at the beginning of the devil, it was 'until iniquity was found in you.' This is the beginning of evil. It is when Lucifer decided that, much like em, he was able to set the rules and call God into judgment. He would exalt himself above God… which is what you do all the time and tempt us to do with your logic. For your logic is built on the premise that freedom of choice and thought means impunity and supremacy to God, who created you and gave you that choice.)

        God did not know Lucifer would choose evil. But, once he did, God decided how he would deal with it! God, also decided how he would deal with evil for eternity. He has given man the opportunity to choose now, while we are flesh and blood.

        My theology and understanding is that there is an end to evil. It will be consumed in the Lake of Fire… You will say, "how cruel" I will say, its your choice how your life ends.

        God lays out the facts of life, and em stands there saying, "its not fair!" Wahhh! Great and mighty and all wise atheist, create your own world and order it for the benefit of all… and tell me how you can do this while allowing evil and malevolent beings to cohabit with good.

        3. If god knows everything, correct? – that includes everything about me, past, present AND future. Morover, he knows exactly the thoughts I have, why I have them, and the reasoning I use to get there.

        Since point 2 is invalid, point 3 only gets more interesting! Let's break it down…

        God knows your past, yes. Any fool can read your record when you walk before them daily and spout off so loudly against them.

        God knows your present, better than you do. He sees not only your record of deeds, thoughts, and words, and intents, He sees you for who He created you to be. He sees the good He has placed in you. He sees the Anonymous One for not only the speck of dust he is today, but for the potential to be a Son of God and live forever, should he turn from the folly of ordering the universe according to his own faulty logic, built in a finite mind with finite wisdom and very finite knowledge of the facts upon which to build his logic. God is greater than you em. When you recognize you have been had by the one who wants you to join him in the Lake of Fire, perhaps you will humble yourself enough to see your need of God. Either that, or get some pretty thick asbestos underwear.

        Your Future.  That is what this is all about em. I know my future. I have chosen eternal life. I was headed for death and Hell, now I have life. I will die once, "for it is appointed unto all men once to die, but after this, the judgment." We are told to judge ourselves in this life, that we be not judged going into the next.

        Again, you are dipping into an area of thought that is debated among Christians, and their interpretation of scripture on predestination.

        Morover, he knows exactly the thoughts I have, why I have them, and the reasoning I use to get there.

        Yes. He knows that your thoughts are your responsibility. "Choose this day whom you will serve." means God gives us the choice of who will be our master. The default setting on this planet is "Satan" who scripture identifies as "the god of this world, who now works in the children of disobedience." That would be you, em… because you have chosen not to obey God.

        He knows that you have the ability to respond to thoughts as you choose. This is called "Response-ability" You are not a victim to your thoughts em. You can choose.

        If your forefathers were all atheists back a hundred generations, you, em, still have the power to choose to turn from that, and God would not hold the sins of your fathers, or yourself, against you any longer. You would be forgiven and the opportunity for eternal life would be yours.

        Because you have 'response-ability' or responsibililty, for your thoughts, you are also given the ability to cast down every vain imagination that exalts itself against the knowledge of God.

        You are full of vain imaginations. You alone have the power to yield to them, or shed them and be free of the bitterness toward God and those who have hurt you in the name of God (though they often are merely Satan's agents, cloaking themselves in religion and piety).

        God knows exactly what you are… a sinner, like the rest of us were, bound to eternal destruction. How does he feel about that? Happy? NOT a bit! "for God is not willing that any should perish,"

        So, em, God knows your past. He knows who you are – a person created in HIS image, to spend eternity with him. But…

        GOD DOES NOT KNOW YOUR FUTURE! It is your choice. He will honor your choice. Choose life and live, or choose death and die. You can use your choice to take God to task, but how long can you hold that up? 80 years? God will outlast you, like you outlast a pesky gnat. He is not threatened by you. He is not petty and will not hold a grudge. He simply wants you to lay down your arms and come to His, so he can heal your heart and give you true purpose and meaning in life.

        "My thoughts are not your thoughts, and my ways are not your ways. As high as the heavens above the earth, so are my thoughts higher than your thoughts.." Cling to YOUR thoughts em, and perish. Cleave to God's and live.

        It is your choice. God has not made it for you. This is your time. This is your chance. Please take it… for YOUR sake, not mine. (I don't get bonus points in heaven if you say 'yes' to Jesus.) Only YOU have the power to choose what you "will be."

        We have already chosen life. We have already chosen to lay aside the human reasoning (seriously influenced and lead by Satan) you flaunt here. This is why there is no point or benefit for us to pursue conversation with you… though I just have…. It is for YOUR sake we have ventured out. You have been given enough insight to come to the conclusion you stated you came here on the boards to receive. If conversation peters out, it is simply because there is nothing profitable, for us, to say along your flawed lines of reason.

  6. Having just read your post,let me be the first to say OUTSTANDING!!!
    This is without a doubt the best answer to the double standard of tolerance espoused by not only em,but most in the world.Your picture of evil as a parasite breeding unchecked in the fertile bed of hypocrisy,ultimately killing it’s host with twisted logic, brought the futility of engaging darkened minds in debate sharply into focus! I understand we are to share our faith.I don’t think we should feel compelled to justify ourselves,when telling someone the truth results in the mocking of our intelligence,our beliefs,and ultimately God Himself!
    I praise our Lord for your wisdom brother!

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