The Plate Spinner

We have in UK a TV prog called “Britain’s Got Talent” So you can imagine the scene at the 1st contestant comes on.
“What do you do?”
“Well as you can see I ‘m spinning a plate. Oh just a minute there it goes…..”
“Well OK….er next”
A polite ripple of aplause and……
“What have you got there?”
“I got 2 plates. Great is n’t it?! I keep them up ! I keep them going”
So this goes on 3,4,5,6………………right until there is noone else save 1

“And who are you? And what have you done?”
“I’m Jesus. I put all the planets and stars into place and keep everything in the universe.going………”
“Oh my word! Cut! End the contest.!…….”

So many of us spin plates on & on and there is absolutely no need. Resting in Jesus is really so librating and we are freed up from trying to keep things going ………

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