The Mercy of God


The Hebrew word Chacad for mercy is used in various forms to designate God’s dealings with man. And also it indicates the mode in which men are to deal with one another, as seen in the story of the Good Samaritan. Lk. 10:37.


Facts about God’s Mercy

1. God’s mercies are from of old. Ps. 25:6

2. God is full of mercy. Jas. 5:11

3. God is a merciful high priest. Heb. 2:17

4. God delights to show mercy. Mic. 7:18

5. God’s mercies are great. Ps. 69:16



The Significance of Mercy

1. Mercy triumphs over judgement. Jas. 2.13

2. God desires mercy not sacrifice. Mt. 9:13

3. Divine wisdom is full of mercy. Jas. 3:17

4. Mercy makes us trustworthy. 1 Cor. 7:25

5. God’s mercy brings us salvation. Tit. 3:5

Ways to Receive  God’s Mercy

1. By being merciful. Mt. 5:7

2. By pleading for mercy. Ps. 51:1

3. By approaching God’s throne. Heb. 4:16

4. By renouncing  sin. Pro. 28:13

5. By following the new creation. Gal. 6:15, 18



Our Response to God’s Mercy

1. To be merciful. Lk. 6:36

2. To love mercy. Mic. 6:8

3. To wait for the mercy. Jude.v 21

4. To offer our bodies to God.  Rom. 12:1

5. To glorify God.  Rom. 15:9



What Happens When We Are Unmerciful?

1. God will be unmerciful. Mt. 18:33,34

2. Judgement will be unmerciful. Jas. 2:13

3. We will become hypocrites. Mt. 23:23




A story is said about a Prisoner who was about to be executed by Napoleon. When his little daughter came before the Emperor he was persistent in his Justice. But the little girl insisted saying, “Sir I have not come to talk Justice but plead mercy.” These words impressed the Emperor to set the prisoner free. If you time the Prayer of the Publican, “God, have mercy on  me, a sinner.” Lk.18:13. It only takes three seconds.  Yet he went home Justified as he meant what he had prayed.

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