The Lord’s Supper – from Catch the Glorious Fire


LORD’S SUPPER – a teaching by Ps Paul Quadros from his new book – “Catch the Glorious Fire”


Lord’s Supper is another means to an effective prayer life. When we
remember the Lord’s death and His victory, we can easily break into
the spiritual realm in prayer. As we remember that we are in oneness
in His death and resurrection and how he made us victorious through
his death on the cross



remember how His blood has purchased us, washed us, protected us and
opened every door for our blessing.


also helps us to overcome our hurts and pains, discouragements in the
midst of problem we face, when we partake of the bread and the cup.
We participate in the body and the blood of Christ. ( 1 Cor 10: 16).
This helps us to maintain our relationship with God in our prayer


we fallow the instruction in 1 Cor 4: by partaking in
worthy manner examining our heart and discerning the body we receive
the spiritual authority to resist the enemy. It gives us the strength
to overcome. We should check our hearts as we do express oneness
in the love we have for one another.


are unaware of the power and blessing of the Lord’s Supper.
Tradition has blinded us of this power. The early church participated
in the Lord’s Supper as much as they were involved in prayer,
fellowship and the apostles’ teaching. (Acts 2:42)


victory is based on the Lord’s victory on the cross. Only by
acknowledging His victory we can be victorious. Hence, many times the
Lord’s Supper helps us to remember that. In my life I have used
this key often. If I am unable to get a breakthrough in prayer
despite my persistence, I break bread alone or with my family or with
leaders. The Lord does not want us to be holy only for one day (the
day we break bread), but everyday and every time. Remember that he
has made us holy through His sacrifice on the cross (Heb 10: 10-14).
That makes us worthy and helps us to live holy by the power of the


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