The Judge

How many of us at one time or another had to appear in court either for a ticket or jury duty or something,most of us , well when we entered the courthouse we try to make sure our appearence is neat and OUR best, then ,if we are smart,make sure our phones are turned off or left in the car, how fast it is to offend a judge if your phone rings! Our kids,if they go with us are to be on their best behavior, Reverence is in our favor concidering the judge has so much atthority over his courtroom, I question people as to why is this same respect is not in the church, I wrote a testimony about this before,and some of the comments surprise me, Are we in a time where we give more revernce to man,than to the LORD OF LORDS and KING OF KINGS, the righteous JUDGE.whom has the power to destroy of heal,deliver or hide his face, and can destroy both body and soul in hell fire!! Saints are whom I am refering to, but the real shame is,even the ungodly have fear when face to face with a judge. Visit a courthouse sometime and see the respect that goes on there, God says,If my people will humble themselves and pray,I will hear from heaven and heal their land, The question is, Do we have time for God,or does God have time for us. Are we a distant relative,or are we a child of God hungry to spend as much time as we can,with as much reverence as we have. I would love to see a house full of hungry saints praying into the midnight hours crying for the blessings and healings of God. New year celebrations are near,quess what the ungodly will be doing, drinking and partying all ours of the night and early morning ,making their father(satan)very proud. What will you be doing? Good Question ?

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  1. lookingforhope2011 says:

    It is true what you say about reverence in the courtroom. After what you posted I started thinking about how it is in the courtroom as I have had first hand experience here lately. We give the judges of this world more respect than our Heavenly Father! Is it because we are not sitting face to face? Someday we shall!. And personally when that day comes I want His mercy and not His judgement. I have made many mistakes in this life and at 41 years of age I need to get it right. Courtrooms can be scarey and gloomy. Depending on why your there. For some of us our temporary life on earth hangs on the decision of a earthly judge whether that be life locked up or ultimately a death sentence. But reality is that someday we will be in front of the Judge of all judges and unless Jesus Christ is your Defense attorney you will be doomed to hell forever! I pray Jesus is representing me on that judgement day!

  2. Captainmathew says:

    It is true we give importance to other matters in comparison to our Lord. Even the formalities as regard to the faith and fellowship, we give the least to the name of God, rather our attempt is to boost the self esteem either through the society or the religious activities. It is awesome we forget our responsibility or our commitment to our Lord. It is ridiculous we forget our vows and our desire as regard to our Lord and we dilute ourselves with the social commitments. To be in the church singing and praising The Grace of Our Lord in both the years I find the best in my life! ( I mean the later part of the year 2011 and the beginning of the year 2012!)
    God Bless!

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