The Greatest Honor

There are many different honors in the world..

A husband and wife honor each other by respecting each other, by making decisions together and by being faithful to each other.


A child honors the parents by listening and obeying.


Parents honor their children by providing for them physically and spiritually.  They will make sure all the child’s needs are met before their own.


A worker honors his boss by good work ethics. 


People honor those of authority by obeying the law.


A politician honor those who voted him in by listening to their needs and doing something about the needs..


A friend honors the friendship of another by not gossipping about the  friend.


A neighbor honors his neighbor by being there and helping his neighbor.


A brother honors his sister by looking out for the best interests of his sister.


A pastor honors his congregation by giving them the assurance that he will be there when he is needed.. 


I have been honored many different ways but the biggest honor is this:

Blessed is the man whom You choose and cause to approach You that he may dwell in your courts ….Psalm 65:4


He choose me and this is the greatest honor and nothing can compare with it….For Him to have choosen me to be  one of His children..

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