The Gospel is the call to rest

This article is by Malcolm Smith. He is one of the great teachers on Grace. I have seen him a few times when he stopped in at a few Fellowships that I attended over the years. Here is the Gospel.

By: Malcolm Smith

The Gospel is the call to rest, to receive the free, undeserved gift that God has given us in Christ. There is nothing man can do to earn salvation from his past, or his present acceptance and walk with God. It is, from beginning to end, the grace of God, which can only be received by faith.

The body of truth that proclaims the revelation of God is called the Good News. News, by definition, is the announcement of something that has happened, not a list of things that must be done! All that must be done for a man to live in perfect union with God has been accomplished by Jesus in His death and resurrection.

The heart of the Christian life is to stand in wonder before His love and say, “Thank You!”

The Gospel is not a call to do something, but the announcement that all is done in the One Who stood for all.

The Christian life is not living in our own strength and resources, but from the infinite Christ Who lives within those who believe. All human strength will come to an end sooner or later, leaving each of us with charred, burned out life. But His strength knows no end!

We have one function in life: to be the manifestors of His life to the world. Only when we are living His life are we truly living our own! This is the reason for our creation.

We realize that He is not only the past tense Savior from sin, but also the One Who now lives within us in the present tense, our life and breath. Christianity is not a formula, but the Person of Jesus Himself.

Never think that Christianity is a matter of adjusting behavior, but rather, of letting Christ live through us in His strength and power.

From: Spiritual Burnout

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  1. Well, as you had wrote: Will you please tell me how can we be the manifestors of the Life of Christ to this world and how is Christ personally living in or within you in your own life? How can we let Christ live through us in His strength and power so that we do not need to adjust or change our behaviour and still be Christ like?

    How does Gospel implies to things that is already done and it does not call us to do something or spread the words of Gospel itself or even living our life as it is written in Gospel. Do you mean Gospel is within us as Christ is within us? By this formula we are perfect as Christ is perfect, isn’t it? So there should not be any sin in this world, am I right? Then from where does this sin come from, that had caused so much pain to humanity?

    One more request please, explain how Gospel is a call to rest in your own words?

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