How I desire in my heart to hear him speak to me directly as he did to Moses and the ones before him. To hear God’s voice would be a permant scare in my heart. I know that I would become a better person and more persistant in prayer. I will never give up praying to recieve that wonderful gift. I want desperately for Jesus to pick me out of the crowd and make me help my people. I would love for the Lord to use me like he used Moses. And I know it was not easy for Moses, but the Lord was with him every step of the way. To die and know that you have lived your life on earth struggling for Jesus and obeying him, is such an honor. I want to pass and enter the heavens, knowing that my life on earth was nothing but dedication to the Lord. I want to struggle for the Lord. I want to need the Lord everyday. I WANT TO BE ANNOINTED ENOURMOUSLY. It must be awesome to hear the Lord’s voice…. I wonder how it sounds. I definiatly know that I will be scared and happy at the same time. I know i would never be the same person. I just know it. I belive in my heart that my time will come. I know one day he will directly talk to me. I know this beacuse I will dedicate my life to him.

What do YOU think?



  1. Benjamin says:

    I’ve started hearing God’s voice. I have been going through serious life challenges and been immersing myself in His Word, worship songs and when feeling compelled by the Holy Sporit to fall down on my knees and pray. The prayers have not always been words, but intense feelings – my heart crying out. On the way to the grocery store I heard a clear and authoritative voice say “Fast”. I immediately questioned it and dismissed it as silly. Again in a clear and authoritative voice I heard “Fast.” So I did for two days and it has changed my life to live for him.

    Praying in midst of fast. Not feeling like connected to God. All of a sudden the voice said “1 Thessalonians 5:18”, I tried to brush it off and go to sleep and look it up later. Again it said “1 Thessalonians 5:18”. That verse is “in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

    Then two days later as I’ve been struggling with how to speak with a new believer about how God treats people who believe other religions or ways to him. I woke up out of bed with the same voice saying “Jesus is is the way. You can’t have a relationship with God without Jesus.”

    I know without a doubt this is God’s voice and he’s given me this amazing spiritual gift. The Bible is clear we all have different gifts he wants us to have. I’ve had other times he’s spoken directly to me that are even more involved. On one early occsssion as I was about to sin, he literally said “Stop!” And I did.

  2. olukoju adeolu says:

    i wish i hear from God directly it will be my joy

  3. I heard of a Christian woman who was in some distress of soul, and was praying earnestly for some peace from the Lord. One night a splendid being of light appeared in her room and she was terrified – initially thinking it was the Lord. The being told her he was there to answer her prayer and would give her the peace she wanted so badly. Now thank the Lord the woman was also discerning enough that when the being said “just give up struggling” something inside her clicked (Holy Spirit no doubt) and she saw through the disguise. Once she saw who it was in her room, he instantly changed appearances (looked ugly) and she rebuked him in the name of Jesus – and he left.
    Matthew 6:23 “If then the light that is in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!” would be a relevant scripture to quote should that dear woman have accepted the (temporary) peace satan would have given her should she have yielded to him.
    Satan can try to answer our prayers for us if we are wanting a particular thing so badly we are unwilling to submit to Gods way of doing things. In my experiences of seeking God desperately for a specific thing upon which I had my own mind set He has been gracious enough to me to NOT ANSWER ME. I am discovering God has ‘His’ way for me, and I am learning to stop praying for specific things that I want that don’t stack up with His will for me. Either one of two things happen in these situations … 1. He won’t answer us or 2. He will give us over to the things we want (which gives us over to the devils deceptions). See how he gave Balaam over to what he wanted in the end and stood ready to cut him down on the road soon after ?
    Now I am not saying we can’t pray for things we want (if they have pure motives and line up with His will) but just from reading your post I thought it would be prudent to caution you about praying for something like that. It is FAR better to live by faith alone. Blessed is the man who believes but has NOT seen (nor heard we could say in this case). Praying to hear His voice audibly is a soulish prayer and I really do not think you should do that. God chooses how to communicate with us. You say you would be a better person if you heard His voice ? Why ? Is being an entirely new creation not enough ? If your born again you have everything that belongs to Christ in your heart already, including His faith. Pray for God to give you more revelation of the cross and what He did to you in Christ 2000 years ago. Derek Prince wrote books on the word He got from God which said “consider the cross, it is perfect in every respect, perfect in every aspect”. Prince learned that everything you ever need was provided for on the cross.
    You don’t need to hear His audible voice to be a better person and so far as I can tell He is unlikely to answer your prayer as it is from the soul and not from the spirit.
    Now I don’t at all intend to put down the awesomeness of His voice (which would sear the flesh from my bones if I heard it in all its glory lol) but I should point out that the reason the O.T prophets heard Him audibly was because they didn’t have the indwelling Holy Spirit to guide them in all truth. They could have the Spirit come upon them but not indwell permanentaly – that only happened after Jesus was glorified. Now we have the Spirit to guide us. “It is for your GOOD that I leave, but when I do I will send you the counsellor who will lead you into ALL truth”. You don’t need to hear His audible voice and at the risk of being a killjoy to your enthusiasm I really don’t think He will speak to you that way if your praying for it – it is a soulish prayer and not in line with the Spirit.
    You obviously love the Lord and bless you in Jesus’ name brother/sister and may you draw near to Him everyday with a sincere and pure heart !
    I know I myself have been full of joy since I was saved and during these first months have often times prayed for things like that – but I learn day by day how ignorant I am of His will ! – He still loves me of course just as he loves YOU with the fiery passion of a thousand suns ! (times infinity lol).
    Just please step back and check this prayer and see if its lining up with the Spirit so you are not opening yourself up to the enemy in your ignorance. Christians are doing this all over the world and getting all sorts of visions and visitations and hearing voices that are good conterfeits of God and they believe it because it is what their itching ears WANT to hear.
    Personally I would rather learn to walk by faith alone so that when the big deceptions come I know how to listen to the Spirit alone and not an audible voice which might tell me what I want to hear but which may not be God.
    Careful brethren … and God bless !

  4. I join with you in making it my ambition to be able to know the voice of the Lord better! Nothing could be a greater treasure.

    • Amen. One day it will happen. I just hope I have to strength to be able to hear my Master’s voice. He is so powerful,and I fear him so, that I hope that I can resist to hear that beautiful voice. I wont stop praying for that gift and niether should you! God Bless!!

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