The Fire of God

My first encounter with the HolyGhost came when I was 26 years old,I had no idea of such,I only new unless I recieved a miracle,I coundn’t make it as a christian. that year my 1st cousion,which was 4 days older than I,and we grew up together,at the age of 26 on thanksgiving day tied a 30,06 rifle to his leg,and pulled the trigger with his toe,and shot his self in the chest and died. I had a rough time understanding that. but I guess sometimes things like that shock sense in us,or at least it should. anyway, conviction was all over me,and I needed God and to know without a doupt. well I am a hard headed soul,so I thought if I bowed on my knees,God would surely answer if he was real,after all I just don’t bow. (pride) The first night at church the preacher came to my seat and walked me to the alter.So I prayed and prayed and prayed,but nothing happened. I was sad,mad,and trying to figure out what was wrong. The next service I returned and this time I went to the alter myself,thinking surely God would have to move after all my effort,well nothing again. So I had all but quit,but I wanted to put it to rest,wheather or not God was real or just an emotions in people. the next service,I went to the alter and prayed and prayed and prayed,and as I decided either God wasn’t real or he didn;t want to mess with me,(after all I was a sinner 1st class)I was bad is all I will say on that, I had been praying for a while with my hands up,and they were very heavy so as I was to lower them,something grabbed my wrist on both hands,and electricity ran through my left hand ,down my arm and out the other hand. oh the power! as it went out of my right hand,I could hear the pop as it left.and again,and again,and again, I thought I was going to die right there at the was after midnight before the HolyGhost let me go. Let me tell you, it is the greatest event I have ever known,and I just had to go back or more,and if God will do this for me,He will do this for everyone who will seek him out!!!! I am now 54 years old,and I still can feel the power,and still have never known anything greater andso very REAL!! thanks be to God,who is no respecter of persons.Seek and you shall find.

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