The fire of God and the spiritual realm

I have been to church today experienced the best worship and praise in my life. Everyone was jumping up and down, clapping and praising God. The pastor got up in front of the church and informed everyone that I am housing a young homeless lad from the church. I have also taken 2 other young lads under my wing and I am teaching them all how to press into God. One of the young lads asked me for my Bible and went up to the front of the church to speak. He read out Daniel 1:17 – To these four boys God had given knowledge and skill in every aspect of learning and wisdom. This was given to me by God earlier in the week and has really inspired us all. The young man then said that he was really grateful to me for all the help and then he informed everyone how I was teaching him what to do in the morning and what to do at night and by this he meant that I have learnt them all how to pray to their Father in Heaven and how to speak positive words over his their lives every day. This really touched me and brought a couple of tears to my eyes. Then I received the urge to speak myself to the church but I was wrestling with my thoughts as I did want to speak from flesh or from pride. I thought to myself well everyone is talking about me and the work that the Lord was doing through me so I ought to get up and say something, so I decided to get up and brave it. I got up and spoke about how I had been praying to the Lord and how I felt like I had been doing all the right things but that I still felt that there was something missing in my life and that I felt trapped. Then I told them all how I had received a word from the pastor about someone feeling trapped and that they must get on their knees give their heart to God, I explained that I had spent the next week and half on my knees trying to give my heart to God and that even then I still was unsure if I had given my heart to God. Then I explained that the Lord Himself had brought these 3 young lads to me and that I had not in any way instigated this and that it was the Lords doing. A couple of people had got up earlier in the service and spoke about the fire of God and this was another reason that I felt that I should get up and speak. So then I explained that up until this point in my life where the Lord had brought these young lads to me and before I had really given my heart to Jesus Christ that the Holy Spirit had always felt like a warm cup of tea inside my stomach but now every time I pray there is a fire in me and in fact sometimes I cannot even get to sleep because this fire inside me burns so strong and that if the people of the church want to experience this same fire in them then they must give their lives and their hearts to Jesus Christ. I sat down and a young man came up to me and said I have a word from God for you ‘He says that you have two feet on the ground doing His work here on Earth but that you also have an extra foot in the spiritual realm’. This was the best word that anyone has ever given to me from God, what an honor and a privilege it is to serve such a mighty God.
I have asked the Lord the meaning to this spiritual foot and He gave me one word ‘license’ which i think would be similar to a fishing license and once you have one of these then you can fish anywhere or a similar to a permit for a gun and once you have one of these then you can legally carry a weapon, i now have a license in the spiritual realm.
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