The Characteristics of a Servant Leader

I am indebted to the ideas in “Leadership by the Book” by Dr Ken Blanchard, Bill Hybels and Phil Hodges for the material in this section. Since at the end of this book they write on the last page “Share This Message with Others” I am sure they would be happy for me to share some of the concepts they have compiled.

Servant Leaders understand that Jesus is interested in them being good and caring human beings.

Servant leaders take on leadership roles because they are convinced it is the best way for them to serve. If another person is better for the leadership role they will not desire to take the position. They are interested in taking on whatever role is most helpful. They are servants first and leaders second.

Jesus told us that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them and are CALLED benefactors. NOT SO WITH YOU. Instead whoever wants to be great among you must be your servant and whoever wants to be first must be slave to all.

The first step for anyone wishing to have authority over the people of God is to be a servant – serve the needs of the people. The people are not there to make the leader rich or powerful or successful. The leader is there to do this for the people he serves. The apostle Paul said he was, “as poor, yet making many rich”.

A true servant leader can honestly say the following:

  • My paramount aim is the best interest of those I lead
  • I gain personal satisfaction from watching the growth and development of those I lead.
  • I have a loving care for those I lead.
  • I want to be held accountable; I ask, “Has my performance met the needs of those I serve?”
  • I\’m willing to listen. In fact, I love feedback and advice – any information that will help me serve better.
  • I have my ego under control. I don\’t think less of myself, I just think about myself less. I don\’t Edge God Out (E.G.O.).
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