The Apostated Christian/Church.

I believe that no one will be removed during the tribulation. In the seven churches they all mention the “overcomers.”
These overcomers are the ones that I believe are the multitudes that stand on the sea of glass before the throne of God.
Glass is made by intense heat like a firey trial they have put through. I don’t recall Jesus ever mentioning taking out any but praying that they are kepted from evil (those that overcome evil).
In revelation God puts His seal on our heads so that we will be protected. So whether we are here or not there really isn’t anything to worry about until satan comes with great wrath, because, he knows his time is short. Remember though salvation will come to those who endure till the end. What is a moment of pain if it is the gateway to see God’s face? This Is what More and More Christians are Believeing , Very Sad But Jesus said these thing must come to Past!

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