Testimony on Debt Relief

Hi Mike:  I just read your testimony-thanks.


I wanted to share just one of mine for encouragement to the body. (please don't include my email address in the publishing of the testimony)


I had always wanted to be debt-free before marriage, but it seemed my debt got so large that it no longer seemed possible, especially with the housing crisis because I owed so much more on my home than it was worth. 


I called my mortgage company and asked for a loan modification in 2008.  The lender said no because I could afford the home.  I expained that I wanted to move.  The lender suggested that I sell the home via a short sale.  I was not so familiar with that.  Several weeks later, a real estate agent who specializes in short sales called me.  I never listen to marketing calls, but I did for this one.  He explained the short sale process and how he would sell my home for no cost to me because the lender pays him.  I said I was not ready to do so, but kept his phone number.  In the meantime, I began lining up my credit.  In Feb. 2009, I recall journaling that the Lord said that this real estate agent would sell my house for free.  I still was not moved to do anything, especially because the agent said that I would likely have to stop paying my mortagage to get the lender to take me seriously.  I had great credit and could not imagine not paying the mortgage.


On June 10, 2009, the Lord said so clearly " Time to sell your house."  For the next few days, I questioned and delayed and doubted, but on June 16, 2009, I entered into contract with the agent and listed my home.  I was always a tither, but could not tithe during this time, but the Lord brought to my memory how on two occasions in 2005 and 2006, He had me do a $10,000 offering both times, which I did but never knew why He would ask me to do that.  Later, I calculated that those were because down the road, I was not going to be able to tithe. 


Within a month, we had a buyer (neighbor renting next door).  The process went on for 8 months until we finally got the approvals from the first and second mortgage holders.  In Feb. 2010, I sold my house and did not have to pay a dime.  However, the second mortgage holder had a provision indicating that it could come after me for the deficiency of over $40,000. On Aug. 6, 2010, the Lord said that I would not have to pay any deficiencies.  A friend who had an investment property go into foreclosure and had to pay thousands out thus far asked about the deficiency.  I said calmly that I will not have to pay any.


So, with the sale of the home, I was out of over $100,000 of debt, but I still have various credit cards etc.  I remember writing a prayer in 2005 asking the Lord for money to come from the north, south, east and west to pay my debt.  Well, in 2020, money came in from all over and by June 30, 2010, I was debt free!  I was floored.  I had in journals that the Lord kept saying debt free, but I could not see it, but He could.


Then, at the end of 2010, I completed a divinity program that the Lord had me enter.  Initially, I kicked and screamed when He told me to start divinity school in 2008, but while in the program, I thanked God for telling me to go to divinity school.  Soon, after finishing, I was like, wow… I hope I don't get married and then the deficiency comes back to bite me AND my husband.  I was like, Lord, You said no deficiencies, so…


On March 3, 2011, I went to see a tenant of some of my rental properties.  She had lost her job in the fall of 2010 and I had her skip rent for one of the months when I learned that she lost her job.  So, I went to her home in March and asked her if she still was out of work.  She said yes.  I said well skip rent this month and we'll see where you are next month.  She said I already paid for this month.  I said I will get it form the mail box and return it to you.  I recall the Lord saying how He will bless me for that. I went to my mailbox and got her check that she had mailed.  Then,  I saw a letter from the second lender with the deficiency and the letter voluntarily waived any deficiency that I had!!!  I thought to myself — wow!  We cannot out give God!  I am returning my tenant's $525 money order and He removed $40,000 of a deficiency that I had with a lender!  I returned the check to the tenant who was so grateful.


Also, on the morning of March 3, I had asked God to confirm that the man He said was my husband was still the one.  That morning, I had received the specific confirmation from the Lord in the exact manner I asked within 10 minutes!  So, I was like ok.  Later, the Lord confirmed a breakthrough in that area that he had told me on 12/19/10 and that I journaled, but had not visually seen.  So, as soon as I finished my divinity program and traveled to Israel to see what I studied and returned, God had moved in a mighty way, which I did not see until March. 


So, I am excited!  I LOVE when God speaks a Word and I see it manifest!  I am now completely debt -free and on the verge of marrying the man who God has been preparing for me.  It has been a long journey, but like God did for Sarah and Abraham, He continually gave me various confirmations in the process so that I could hold onto His Word. 


On March 6, He began speaking to me about a miracle in a flash — a "suddenly" moment.  So, I am expecting God's sudden favor in this testimony anytime really soon!





What do YOU think?


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  1. Yabesh says:

    Dear all, Please for me … The same manner I am having debts for 25000 USD… Hope u people can pray for me… God shall deliver me from all my debts.


    • Eurika Clouston says:


      God is faithfull and God is able but sometimes we have to learn from our mistakes. Pray and develop your relationship with God through the Lord Jesus Christ, wait on God and ask Him to help you come free of debt. Remwmber to tithe, give to God first what is Gods, even though this does not make sense, you will find that God will make a way for you. Seek to live by faith. Matthew 6:33

  2. God gave me a wonderful promise for this year, which the manifestation of actually started the ending of december 1216. I am earnestly waiting for a total turnoround and change in the area of my being debt free and marrital settlement.

  3. it’s not funny being in debt, i’m asking God to show me mercy and clear my debts, i pray that the Lord see us all through soonest.

  4. Isaac kofi says:

    Am battling debt so much.I owe my landlord and i have only one week left to pay my rent or rsik being evicted and disgraced.Am a christian but have had ups and downs in my life.I beleive debt is an evil spirit which frustrates christians.Itt can let you compromise easily and i have been praying this year and have made my mind am not going back.I need God to do a miracle in my life.I am always begging God to here me out.

  5. Wow that’s so encouraging. Am battling debts now. going through a rough patch but God is sooo faithful . He gave me a word.psalm112 .Wealth and Riches shall be in my House.

  6. Greetings. My name is Thandi Mabena from South Africa. I am so inspired by the first testimony of how our Big, Best Advocate God Almighty has cancelled the financial debts of that anonymous person. I am also praying for exactly the same issues/debts in my life. I have faith and truly believe that God has already cancelled them. I am truly inspired to also intercede for other people who are on any other kind of debts/sins. Hallelujah!

  7. I`m a father of 3 when i was between Jobs i had a wreck in Dec 2011 as i was just starting a new job, I did not have insurance due to the rough time I was having financially. I was going to work raining drove over a slick spot and hdro plained spun in 2 or 3 circles I just ducked my head down and started praying for god to help me cause i was on the highway being dodged by up coming traffic, God saved me that day and protected me when i was hit at 55 mph did not have a scratch anywhere on me, due to the wreck I had the company that insured them has suspended my license and no has made it quite inpossible to get hired anywhere that will pay good enough to get me out of the hole that I`m currently in. Dear Lord I ask that you forgive me for my debt that I have occured Lord i ask that you bless me with a way to pay this off wether if its a income to pay it off Lord this burden is to great for me to carry I ask you lord to wipe my debt clean so my family can live with no struggle in Jesus name i pray amen.

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