testimony of God healing touch.

I want to share a testimony of what God has done for my son. He is 16yrs old now, but at the time of his healing he was 4yrs old.

When my son was four yrs old, he drank nail polish remover, which distroy his liver. I place a portion of nail polish remover in an old medicine bottle and at the time of using it to remove old nail polish from my finger nails, my mother-in-law called me to the telephone, I placed the bottle on the table and went to the telephone, when I got back to finished my nails, I realised that the bottle was empty. I asked my son and daughter(3yrs old) what happened to the liquid in the bottle. My son said he began to cough and drink the medicine in the bottle. I got really scared and called my husband who told me to give him milk and he would be ok. I gave the milk to him hoping that everything would be well. A week later and I realised that my son is looking really sick, and has no enery, as a four yrs old would normally have. I took him for prayer at my local church and trusted God to heal him, but he took a turn for the worse, you see nail polish remover contains acetone which is very dangerous. Yes I know I should have taken him to the doctor when he first drank the substance but I was not thinking things through as I was really scared and really young at that time. The church kept praying for him but he was not getting any better, my husband called the ambulance and he was taken to the hospital and the same night he was admitted to the hospital. A lot of test was done on him, and the doctors said that his liver is breaking down which is bad, because nothing can be done to restore the liver. My son was hospitialized for about a month. (Little did I know that the doctors told my husband nothing can be done to save my little boy. My husband did not say a word to me, I found this out when my son reach his 10th birthday, my husband did not want to stress me out.) The doctor said his recovery was a miracle, yes our God is still performing mircales today. After leaving the hospital I went home and I tell you the guilt was so overpowering to see my carelessness put my son in hospital. I went into my kitchen and with the tears streaming down my face I poured out my soul before God, I have never prayed like that before in my life, with every thing in me, I sought the Lord for my son healing. A week later, his skin began to shed in hugh chunks, like a lizard would shed in skin. God healed him spontaneously, he even got new skin in the process with a new liver. Praise God, He is still in the healing business.

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  1. dean irwin says:

    On Friday 17th Oct my 8 week old son Micah was rushed to hospital, he had taken a cold and went to our local hospital and was said to have bronchiolitis, they were keeping him in for observation and helping him through it and then on the sunday night all of a sudden his heart rate went sky high and he was struggling with his breathing, they said he needed to be rushed to the main hospital in the city.

    He had to go down to theatre first and get a tube into his lung to help him breath for the journey up the motorway, then he was to be sedated, tubes,lines and drips put in and put into Intensive Care and on the life support machine, this was to do all his breathing for him as he was really struggling himself and was really tyring out and losing energy, was gettin very difficult and serious.

    When we finally got to see him it was awful, he was just lying there sedated and all the wires etc coming from everywhere and the machine doin his breathing for him,. not very nice to see, it was heartbreaking and nothing we could do but pray.

    At that point on the monday morning we were faced with a decision, we could either be angry and annoyed and ask why God? or we could say right God, we trust and believe you can and will heal Micah and have faith that you will bring him through this, it didnt look good at that stage and was very scary but we grabbed hold of God and really dod trust in his promises.

    Then on monday night outside the hospital there was the biggest brightest rainbow i think ive ever seen and it went right over the childrens hospital, then we got a bedroom in the ICU that night and when we went to bed, there was a childs drawing on the wall of a broken heart and like a triangle bringing it together and the words Jesus Heals written 3 times at each point of the triangle and then on the tuesday morning we read Word For Today and it was titled “Under Pressure” and ‘we are pressed but not broken’, briefly it said , Do you feel your in a tunnel with no way out? Rejoice, youre positioned for a miracle! with God there are no hopeless situations, real faith comes into its own when push collides with shove, after all you dont need God to part the Red Sea when there are bridges all around it. this next bit and it was the last bit for that day blew us away and gave us a great deal of comfort, ” Its when theres nothing you can do to avoid the inevitable, that you start trusting God to do the impossible! So the crisis you’re experiencing today could be a blessing in disguise, an opportunity to experience a greater degree of power at work in your life.”

    Wow, if we ever needed a sign that God was in control and was going to work a miracle in Micah’s life then these 3 things were that, it gave us such comfort and peace that week, dont get me wrong, there were tears, tiredness and sadness seeing our son like that but we really felt the strength of the many many people who were praying for Micah.

    The doctors told us that Micah had developed Pneumonia on one of his lungs and that wasnt nice to hear but we held out for God to show up and bring my wee buddy through and then on friday (5 days later) after what looked so bleak, Micah was taken off the machine, tube taken out of his lung and was breathng on his own again, he was then sent down to a normal ward the next day (sat) out of intensive care and by monday (yesterday) he was the picture of health, no tubes or lines in, feeding again from mummy and smiling more than he ever has, im not exaggerating, seriously smiling all the time, such a happy baby…it really is a miracle and we are blown away by what God has done for us and for wee Micah, he is now back in our local hospital from today, staying there for a couple of days for observation then back home.

    Just wanted to share this with everyone to encourage you all to pray, worry about nothing, pray about everything…God is awesome and i thank him for what he has done for Micah and i will be forever grateful for this and thank him daily. Jesus Heals, Jesus Heals, Jesus Heals just like the child had written in the wee picture.

  2. Wow, “Our God is an awesome God!” He really does work miracle! Thank you for sharing your testimony!

    *Mark 16:18 “They shall take up serpant; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay their hands on the sick, and they shall recover.”

    Amen. Amen!

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