Testimony – All Glory to Jesus !!

Last year in 2011, I experienced great blessings on my professional & family life, so I wanted to give ‘my contribution’ to God’s Ministry. In January 2012, I send a mail to a Christian organisation, enquiring all the details but unfortunately did’nt get any reply from them. As I was waiting for their response, I also enquired from another organisation in case the first one does not reply. After 5 months, I heard from them giving me all the required details with apology that their website was down. However, due to some reasons, I could not donate that time.

Last week, when I was fasting & praying, God asked me to do 3 things, out of which, was the reminder of ‘my contribution’. I fulfilled all the 3 things. A day prior to my contribution, my sister had called but I missed it. So I called her back (on the day of ‘my contribution’), she told, that she had called to inform, that my mother received a fair amount of money, from my father’s company as per the policy, after his demise (he passed away on 8th march 2012). We were not aware of this policy. Hearing this news, a heavy burden from my heart rolled away, as I was quite concerned about my mother, after my father passed away. Also, she will be receiving pension from next month, as all the paper work is completed.

Now, I’m telling this testimony, not to tell you that ‘I contributed’, but to give ‘Glory to the Lord’ and to show how beautifully, He carries out His plans for us. Praise God, We serve a Mighty & Awesome God!

A zealous boy of God!

I came to know about a zealous boy, who belongs to my village and whom God is using in Healing ministry. This boy is Christian & is known for his faith in Jesus and prayers. He wants to do Bible course and one of my friend has offered all financial help for the course. I’m also eager to meet him as he has come to my place for work.

I want to share one of his testimonies.
A friend of this boy, who is from hindu background, approached him for prayers, because his wife was very sick. All medication was failing and no relief came to her. This boy prayed for her and she got healed. The Lord spoke to this boy through a dream asking those people ‘to throw off their idols’. So he went and told them, to which the wife said, “I have been serving these idols from childhood, I will not throw them even if I die.” Well, this wife again got sick and this time the boy got a dream that ‘she is bit by a snake’ and he thinks she will not recover now. Many times people are given chance to choose between “Life and Death” and it is very unfortunate that when they choose death, it is for eternity.

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