Home Is Where the Heart Is

Home Is Where the Heart Is Jesus taught the disciples to understand the secrets of the unseen spiritual world by often using this key concept: Everything in the physical world reflects some aspect of the spiritual world. One way he did this was by using parables that use familiar aspects of everyday life in this […]

Fermi’s Folly, Alien Worlds, & This World’s End

Fermi’s Folly, Alien Worlds, & This World’s End “Where is everybody?” That is the question that noted physicist Enrico Fermi once asked some fellow scientists when discussing why there seems to be no one else in the universe but human beings on planet earth. The question arises because, according to scientific observation and measurement, the […]

Why Did God Make the Universe?

Why Did God Create the Universe? God does nothing without a purpose. “The LORD has made everything for its purpose, even the wicked for the day of trouble” (Prov. 16:4 RSV). This being so, it is only natural to wonder about the purpose of the universe as a whole. Since the broadest definition of the […]

The Seduction of the World

The Seduction of the World Jesus spoke a deep truth about human nature when he said that “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Mt. 6:21 NIV). This truth has never been more apparent than in our present world and age. For with all the advances in technology and production from factories, […]

Whom Do You Trust?

Whom Do You Trust? It is with a sad heart that I write this. I think I know something of which the apostle Paul wrote when he said, “I have great sorrow and unceasing anguish in my heart” (Rom. 9:2 NIV). For I have had an increasingly heavy heart recently, as the Lord has continued […]

Listen to Jesus

Listen to Jesus Many people say that they are searching for God. But are they really? There is a way to tell. There is a test. That test was written down long ago. “As it is written in the Scriptures (prophets KJV), ‘They will all be taught by God.’ Everyone who hears and learns from […]

Getting Ready for the End

Getting Ready for the End How you view death–and life, for that matter–is going to become more and more important as we quickly progress into these last days. For we have been told by our Lord in many ways that the last days will bring to their climax both good and evil (Rev. 22:11) and […]

The Terror of the Night

The Terror of the Night Most people do not take life seriously enough. This is the conclusion of a person famous for his wisdom, king Solomon, after he searched exhaustively (Ecc. 1:13) for life’s meaning with the extraordinary wisdom given to him (James 1:5, 2 Ch. 1:11-12) by the Author of all wisdom (Col. 2:3). […]

Where Is God When Evil Comes?

Where is God when evil comes? The question has been around almost as long as human beings have been on this planet. Only that relatively short time (two chapters out of hundreds in the Bible) in the Garden of Eden shows a world devoid of evil and its consequent suffering. All the rest of the […]

The Plumb Line of God

The Plumb Line of God There is a dangerous yet common misconception about God that is all too prevalent in the world and even some churches. It is a perception of God as one who is so kind and gentle and loving as to be weak and wishy-washy; that he would never judge a person […]


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