How I Got Started in Ministry – by Michael Fackerell

From the end of 1985 until the end of 1987 I was involved in helping pioneer a ministry called Students for Christ in the state of New South Wales. This ministry continued until early 1999 when the leaders of the Assemblies of God movement in New South Wales decided they wanted to organise campus ministry differently, and be more local church based. There was a tremendous anointing on this ministry, especially in the early years. I can't say much about later on because I was not so involved.

Instantly Delivered from Drug Addiction – Anothy Clinton

This is the amazing story of Anthony Clinton, a personal friend of the site author. He here tells his story of his deliverance from drug addiction, a violent lifestyle and many other things.

Ron’s testimony

God has been so good to me; I give Him the glory for all He has done in my life. I was born and raised in a Christian home. My father was a holiness preacher, and he and my mother raised my sister and me according to the Bible principles by which they were raised. Throughout my childhood and teen years I believed that I was a Christian, and I wanted to live the way the Bible teaches.

The Testimony of how God picked me up out of the gutter I was living in

Hello All,

I wanted to share my short testimony and it goes like this: I was a sinner. I did sinful things, did not know Christ, was living like I was Satan’s brother, and one day I was sitting in Church and saw that I needed a Savior, I needed Christ. I then (at age 12) trusted in Christ.

Father Bring the Right Praying People to this Prayer Request

I am hesitant about posting my prayer needs on this website. But I really need the prayers of faithful Christians. A threefold chord is not easily broken therefore how effective are the prayers of a multitude of faith filled true Christians? My God is an awesome God, the creator of all. The Almighty, The One & Only True God, He is Holy, He is The God of Israel and He is my Father and I am His child blood bought and freed by Jesus. I give Him praise Honor and glory.

My Journey from Egypt


“To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me.” (Acts 26:18)

I won’t go to deep into my past, but will give a basic foundation; I was born in Upstate New York, and all of my extended family is originally from that area. However, our family moved to Chicago when I was young (Northwest suburbs), and that is where I grew up.

Raking leaves with God

šŸ™‚ Ok, this was cool. Praise God for helping and teaching me.while raking leaves. Man, I love Him and you.. I pray this blesses and edifies you, in Jesus name. Amen –

Still Here, Still Fighting

I became a Christian back in the year 2000. But in 2004 I went to the doctor because I was bleeding and well past menopause so I knew something was wrong. As I suspected, it was bad news. I had Cancer. Ovarian cancer to be exact.
I was working a part time job doing a humble but necessary task. Driving a school bus for a company that handled a variety of school routes.

Jesus is Mighty to Save – My Testimony

Dear Friends,

For my baptism, instead of standing up and giving my testimony, I felt God inspire me to put it in the form of a slideshow. The words/saying that came to me was “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  I pray that it will inspire and encourage my fellow brothers and sister to hand their lives over to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, in hope that they will let Him guide their lives and shower them with peace, power and prosperity. 

Gods Message To His People

Hello Everyone,


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