The Anointing with Oil – Marlies Zechner

5/ The Anointing of Oil

Exodus 29:6

Put the turban on him and tie on it the sacred sign of dedication engraved ‘Dedicated to the LORD’. 7/ Then take the anointing oil, pour it on his head, and anoint him.

We do not live under the Law of Moses any more, yet while praying for somebody who was under heavy demonic oppression God told me to, ‘anoint her with oil and dedicate her and consecrate her to God and declare her holy.‘ I have never forgotten the incident and I don’t remember God ever telling me to pray for somebody else like that again.

Binding and Loosing


T OM    W O Y T H A L    M I N I S T R I ES

s1375562494_107227_6965389.jpgJANUARY 2012         

Binding and Loosing

“Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” (Matthew 18:18)

Derek Prince on Deliverance from Demons – Spiritual War on Earth – part 3

The third in a video series on deliverance by Derek Prince. He speaks of ways demon enter, and the steps that are necessary for people to take who wish to be free from demonic infiltration. For example:


1. Affirm your faith in Christ

2. Humble Yourself

3. Confess your sins

3. Repent of your sins

4. Forgive others

5. Renounce idolatry and occult

6. Break curses

7. Expel demons


There are other steps mentioned – please watch the video for more details.

Derek Prince – War on Earth part 2

Derek Prince continues to talk on the subject of deliverance from demons. Part 2 of 3. He talks about various experiences he has had in this ministry, characteristics of demons and some of the ways they enter.

Derek Prince on Deliverance from Demons

In this video Derek Prince talks about spiritual warfare on earth, that is the warfare against demons.

Derek explains how he came into this ministry.

He explains how he himself was delivered from a spirit of cancer. He was diagnosed with a dangerous form of cancer, a cancer of the bladder. After prayer from an Episcopalian minister – a Curate – Derek felt a great struggle going on inside himself. The demon of cancer came out with a roar, and subsequent tests revealed that there was no trace of cancer.



(Isaiah 45:1-8 NKJV) “Thus says the LORD to His anointed, To Cyrus, whose right hand I have held— To subdue nations before him And loose the armor of kings, To open before him the double doors, So that the gates will not be shut: (2) ‘I will go before you And make the crooked places straight; I will break in pieces the gates of bronze And cut the bars of iron. (3) I will give you the treasures of darkness And hidden riches of secret places, That you may know that I, the LORD, Who call you by your name, Am the God of Israel.

“Under Attack or On the Attack?”

Under Attack?
On the Attack !

We often hear Christians say that some terrible event in their life was an attack of the devil. Have you ever heard someone say “I was really attacked by the devil yesterday” or even describe adverse events or “accidents” as “attacks of the devil.” Is this a scriptural way of thinking? Can the devil actually attack us physically? If so, how can we protect ourselves?


Today I am feeling a bit inferior. I have big trouble understanding scripture sometimes, and think logically 50% of the time. Might have issues hearing God’s voice.
Lord forgive me of my doubt and demolish the principalities and powers of darkness.

A spiritual battle: An awakening experience.

Hope everyone enjoys this little testimony of Yahweh’s power.
I pray that everyone’s faith who reads this is strengthened like mine was.
I pray that all glory goes to Jesus and God the father.

It started out one night when dwelling on Jesus that I realized something that I had been deceived about. ( I had contempt for Mary the mother of God. This is wrong, and I tell anyone who reads this to not DISLIKE Mary herself, rather the worship that she receives.)
I knew it was something Satan had cooked up for me and a stumbling block.

All Believers Are in a War- Pastor Caspar


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