Dont feel the spirit of God

Hello my name is Yolanda and I am 26 years old. I have a problem. About a month ago I started to read the bible and I would read post here and so on. Everyday I felt so happy and I felt like if I had the holy spirit in me all day. I would pray and read the bible all the times and be happy and at peace. Then suddently I woke up one morning like 1 week ago and I felt dry, I felt that I didn’t have the spirit on me anymore. I try to read the bible and I can’t concentrate, I try to pray and I can’t concentrate, I start to think of something else thats not even important. I dont know why.

I’m not sure if god exists…

I’m not sure if god exists and I am starting to lean towards atheism… for all the terrible things god does it just seems so unlikely that there is a god, like if there was. why would he create cancer? or mosquitos? it just doesn’t make sense to me… I believe it would just be alot easier to just give in and give up on god. I think it would just be alot easier to stop believeing in something that is probably just whowee and start believeing in nothing… why not right? what are your thoughts…

Laughing in the Spirit

I’ve read a number of articles on ‘Laughing in the Spirit’. Many support this, but a few don’t, some even describe it as demonic. It’s a long story, the details of which I will post soon, but I’ve come to God without going through any religious upbringing or ‘type’ of church, ie: Baptist, Anglican etc. Everything that has happened to me is totally new, and I am in unchartered territory. I started with tears, this went on for 6 months or so, then when I changed churches, half way through crying I began laughing.

The HolyGhost He’s the same for today


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