Occult Check List

A list of various objects and movements which can and do open doors to demonic spirits in the lives of those they touch.

Discerning False Teachings

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These are the last days, and we are living in the spiritually perilous times predicted by the apostle Paul in 2 Timothy 3:1-5. People are lover of self, money and pleasure yet hold a form of Christianity, thinking that having this form is enough.

It is significant because these are the amongst the last recorded words of the apostle Paul. In the next and last chapter of 2 Timothy, Paul writes:

Paganism and Occult Religions

Soon after the fall of man, people began to traffic with the fallen angels and demons rule over the affairs of this world directly or indirectly, by the consent of man. There are many who have sought power to get what they want by serving these spirits. In some cases the power is obtained through sacrifices, in other cases, through religious or magic rituals, or a combination of both.

These fallen angels, these evil spirits, are masters of deception.

Breaking the Authority of the Bastard Curse – by Carl Fox, Paul Norcross


This book is dedicated to those who insist on choosing that better thing, like Mary, who seek to set aside their busyness and sit at the feet of Jesus Christ. In the tumult and calamity of every day, those who have learned to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness are the ones who will gain the most from The Master Teacher. To Him we owe everything, and to Him every knee must bow, ourselves most most especially !

Breaking the Authority of the Bastard Curse

by Carl L. Fox

The Spirit of Adoption – Target of the Curse

Chapter 2

The Spirit of Adoption: Target of the Curse

      As noted in chapter one, the heart of our heavenly Father has always longed for fellowship with His people. In creating Adam and Eve, He created people who could receive His love. Parents long to have children simply because they love. Imagine our Father, Who is all love, having no children with whom He could share it!

The devil’s intent is to destroy and hurt our Father’s heart.

Breaking the Bastard Curse – Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Understanding the Curse of the Bastard

      In the last chapter, we showed that a Christian can be cursed. We showed that deliverance from curses requires faith. As with all the promises of God, each one must be received by faith.

Breaking the Bastard Curse – Chapter 8

Chapter 8

The House of Jesse

      Have you ever wondered why the house of Jesse, David’s father, was prophesied to be the line through which the kings of Israel would come, and yet Saul was chosen as the first king?

Isaiah 11:1-12
And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots:

Breaking the Bastard Curse – Chapter 9

Chapter 9

How The Bastard Curse Affects The Church Today

      So far in the previous chapters we have seen that the bastard curse was used by satan with major impact to try to thwart the purposes of God. The purpose of God is to restore fellowship and intimacy with His people. The Father longs for children to love and bring near to Him for all eternity. Part of a loving father’s joy is in training his children.

Breaking the Bastard Curse – Chapter 10

Reaching The Lost Sheep

      The bastard curse starts at the time of an illegitimate conception. It’s consequence is that for ten generations people are not able to come into the congregation of the Lord.

Sex outside of marriage, even if that couple subsequently gets married before the child is born, produces a bastard child. That child is the second generation of the next ten.


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