Do Not Follow the Crowd: the dangers

“Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong” (Ex. 23:2).

It should be obvious to anyone that we are not to do wrong, but this verse singles out doing wrong by following a crowd. Why? Because it is often so much easier to do wrong when you are in a crowd than when you are alone. For in a crowd there is often a real pressure to do what they do or risk being subject to ridicule, or worse, actual physical attack in the case of political uprisings and mob mentality or riots. Nevertheless, Scripture is clear: Whatever the risks, we are not to go along with the crowd in doing wrong.

Testimony – All Glory to Jesus !!

Last year in 2011, I experienced great blessings on my professional & family life, so I wanted to give ‘my contribution’ to God’s Ministry. In January 2012, I send a mail to a Christian organisation, enquiring all the details but unfortunately did’nt get any reply from them. As I was waiting for their response, I also enquired from another organisation in case the first one does not reply. After 5 months, I heard from them giving me all the required details with apology that their website was down. However, due to some reasons, I could not donate that time.

Witnessing a miracle :1hr 45min without my baby Katie

Witnessing a miracle :1hr 45min without my baby Katie … A MESSAGE OF HOPE. With God by your side, there is ALWAYS hope..even when everything looks hopeless.
The power of prayer!

Chosen, 15 Minutes With Jesus
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In January 1998 during a prayer, Victorya received a Divine and Holy Visitation .
The Miraculous Miracle was a Manifestation from Jesus.

I’m DONE!!

I’m not going to let my past hinder me from the greatness I know that for me, God has PREDESTINED ! God is stronger than any pain I have felt, any situation I’ve been through. Greater than any loss I’ve had to face. I was DUMB enough to let the devil fool me for waaaay too long! I already knew how GREAT and MIGHTY and POWERFUL GOD IS!! My weaknesses (fear, doubt, lack of trust, anger, resentment, pain, etc..) allowed that tired old clown to come in and water the seeds I already planted myself. I’ve been burned so bad by love, by my mother and its been horrible to my self esteem.

Dreaming of God

I was receiving lots of information over the internet about God and being a better Christian. I was laid in bed one night, thinking about going to Church the next day and I started to pray, I said to God ‘Please God I feel that with all this knowledge and information that I have gained from the internet that it would be a good idea to start a web site. I feel like this is my mission but I do not want to ‘move’ without your instruction. I do not like asking for a sign but God if it is Your will for me to produce this web site could You please give me a sign tomorrow at Church.

This is what God has done for me

I have been cancer free for one year. My Lupus has been in remission for four months. I have had depression free days for three months. I have been anxiety free for three weeks. I have been walking God’s path through reading worship and praise for twelve years. Many times during that twelve year journey I have turned back to my old ways of worrying, over spending, disrespecting and disobeying the ones I love and lying.

The Lord is My Shepherd, Really

Hello,recently I decided to start to share my testimant to The Lord and Jesus as my savior. 38 years old and a Husband and Father my Life has been a real struggle.Good thing the Lord has been with me and my family.
I recently published my First Testimony in what I hope to be a successful series called “The Lord is My Shepherd,Really”
Available at Amazon The Lord is My Shepherd,Really
For Kindle Devices I hope it will touch the Lives of many.
Once the seed is planted It will Grow,thank you Lord.

All About Christian Faith

The Christian faith has existed since the time that Jesus Christ was on earth. Followers of Jesus have had different understandings about many things, but all true Christians agree that Jesus Christ is a revelation of God in the flesh. We all believe that God came to earth to bring us back into a relationship with Himself.

Faith in God

Deliverance from Drugs

Shelia Holcomb – shares how the Lord intervened in her life of sorrow, rejection and addiction and gave her a new life, a loving husband, healing from the effects of drug addiction and other diseases and a purpose for living in blessing others with God's love.

Shayne Ethridge – Delivered from Cocaine Addiction.


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