God and the Laws of Physics

We have people like Stephen Hawking coming out and saying that there is no God. What we are being asked to believe is this: before there was a physical Universe, there was something called the "Laws of Physics" and these laws themselves are powerful enough to create a Universe out of nothing.

But what really would give a set of non-physical "laws" the power to actually spontaneously generate a Universe such as the one we live in?

And before the physical universe existed, any such laws had to be non-physical.

Faith in Atheistic Philosophy

Faith in Atheistic Philosophy. Is it so smart?

Right now you are pretty confident, maybe even sure, that there is no
God. So you feel safe in living as if this life is all that matters. For
you, you think there is no judgment awaiting those who despise the “so-called
divine laws” such as the Ten Commandments.

Yet it takes an enormous leap of faith to confidently assert that there
is no God. Let us suppose that this rectangle below represents all the
knowledge in the Universe. And let us further suppose that the part shaded
‘x’ represents everything that you know.

Thoughts from some guy – r.e. athiesim

Friends of Jesus;

“So He said to them, ‘This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting.’ Mark 9:29

It’s not strange that our “atheist” friend (actually I have a hunch he is Gnostic) finds prayer abhorrent. Of course he would because it is one of the most powerful weapons that we have in our arsenal.

“Please don’t pray for me…”?
That statement alone has just proven to us how powerful prayer is!

The Word of God, Prayer and Fasting.

The Bible

Who Made God?


This page is more or less an intellectual piece and you can safely skip it if you don't like intellectual stuff and just want to get onto spiritual things …


Ok then…


Is the Atheism of Richard Dawkins just his wishful thinking?

There are two kinds of atheists. Those who wish there to be a Loving Father God but are certain that cannot be true, and those like Richard Dawkins who view the Judaeo-Christian God as "arguably the most unpleasant character in all of fiction."


A Quick Refutation of Darwinistic Evolution

I agree with what the Bible says concerning unbelievers. It says that they are WITHOUT EXCUSE.


Our modern western society, however, has come to a kind of popular consensus that there is no living God. For the humanists of today, God is merely a concept in the minds of the mentally weak and ignorant. To all such people I say: YOU are IGNORANT of the reality of God and you are WITHOUT EXCUSE.


Words of Dying Atheists and Skeptics

When men feel that the day of their death is far off, they find it easy to adamantly maintain that there is no God. They may indulge in all kinds of sophistry in order to promote their unbelief. But its very interesting to know what some famous skeptics have said on their deathbed, just before dying. I have found some quotes, and thought to share them with you here.

Sheep Prove God exists

Richard Wurmbrand, formerly a Jewish Romanian pastor tortured by both
Fascists and Communists for his faith in Christ, addresses this question
in his book “Umpleti Vidul” (Fill the Void – published in English under
the title “Answers to Moscow’s Bible”). He tells us that someone asked
this question in a communist meeting in the Soviet Union.

Is God Real?

We can know God is real when we experience His reality. God wants us
to know that He is real. One way you can find out for sure is through an
experimental approach. Pray a prayer like this:

“God, if you are real, show me. If you really exist, I want to know
before it is too late.”

No one else needs to know if you prayed such a prayer. If there is no
God, then He can’t respond to any prayer.

Does God exist?

I shall always be convinced that a watch proves a watchmaker, and that a universe proves a God. Voltaire

Here we have the saying of an great influential thinker, who was by no means a Christian. Multitudes of great minds have believed and do believe in God's existence, but today some would have us think that belief in God is illogical, foolish and incompatible with observable facts.


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