Still Conquering Persecution

The Word of the Lord Jesus and one of the minor prophets said that a man’s foes will be those of his ownhousehold. Our Lord’s words were true and so are the words of his prophet Micah who proceeded him. Matthew 10:36 say’s “And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.” While Micah 7:6 say’s ” …a man’s enemies are the men of his own house.” 8 days ago my biological mother threw me out of her home. I paid rent, did chores (washed dishes every day, took out grabage weekly, cleaned the bathroom, and kept my own living area clean.) She became possesed by the devil one Sunday morning and demanded that I clean the bathroom a second time, though I had just cleaned it well about 10 minutes prior. She claimed I was lieng about cleaning the bathroom.. Of course knowing I had done no wrong, I refused to be humiliated by her. She demanded that I leave. Praise God! I immediately sought shelter in a facility for the homeless. It has not been any easy transition, but again Jeus is seeing me thru. At the facility I am the target of petty thievery and harrassment for no reason at all as well. I handle it positively and DO NOT SIN. The miracle is found in that statement. Jesus was tempted in every way unjustly and he did not sin. The book of Hebrews affirms that. I choose to follow his example. I give Jesus all the honor glory and praise. I am sitll living in a very unjust community. I can say that the attitudes are sinful in a very harmful intent. But prayer is seeing me thru. Are you experiencing a circumstance where you are being reproached, hated, and deinied the benefit of the truth? I am a brother in Carlisle Pa that knows exactly what you are going thruh. You can do it with the help of the Lord Jesus. I have relied on prayer and listening to the Word of God online to get thru this ongoing evil. I recomment that you do the same. Oh, by the way there is an awesome release when I post these testimonies. Speaking and writing the truth has great power. Practice these things and Godwill see you thru as well. God bless you.

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