Stand and Faint not

So many christians are living below their potental, serving God isn’t just going to church,having a few songs,preaching on 2 or 3 scriptures,taking an offering ang going home. I believe we should be watchful to the times,and people who are in need,if nothing else a kind word. when Jesus was asked,why this one or that one had diseases or blindness,or demons,crippled and such,he said,not because of any sin he did or his parents,but that the Son of man may be glorified. this tells me,people in this world are just waiting for some christian,that will go out of his way,put themselves in the hot seat and set them free in Jesus name,that He may be gloriied in us. Its not what the world thinks about it,or relatives say,those will always be negitive anyway. Faith witout works is dead,wishing someone well,just is not the same as reaching out to phiscally help or pray or fast and pray,expecting God to fix the problem. Its an old saying when someone says, well all I can do is pray, My GOD,this is the most powerful thing we can ever do,and see it to the end.not just forget about it in a day or 2. we miss a lot of testimonies and blessings for talking ourselves out of what we fell inside to do,when we get the pulling from God to put ourselves into others need or pain. Jesus said if we give a drink of water to someone thirty,we will in no wise lose our reward. yet we rattle on about things that niether matter or is out of our control.picky things that no man can answer, Few requests for a dying or sick person,but plenty of which water hole is best for water baptizm or how many children Mary had after Christ,or fleshly foolishness,that won;t help no one,Go ye out and teach and preach Jesus and him crusified,and remission of sin.Fill the wagon of souls for Christ while we still have light,for when darkness comes no man can work,people say,where is the miracles,but they don;t come to us,we must go after them,by having faith that God goes with us.then we can see,

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