spirital warfare

in these last days many of the old ways are forgotten ,I hear of such things as no need for alters anymore or seeking sactification,we just skip all that and move on to baptizism,but the real truth is,first is forgiveness,then pray for cleansing of the flesh by God himself,The Holyghost will not dwell in an unclean temple,The only help he needs to instantly cure the drunkered.the drug addict,the smoker or any thing that binds the flesh is for us to put the flesh on the alter and stay until you hear from heaven it is done and you will know for sure when the job is done.God will fix it when we let him do it. After he changes our old nature then we seek the Holyghost infilling.Dont stop pressing until you hear from him.other wise you will always be in dought.then we keep ourselves clean there after.He will change the fleshly as to where its like those addictions were never there and no desire to go back.I know for a fact. to fight for souls .it is nessasary to use many ways with faith to save a soul ,I have carried small cloths and had them prayed over at church and gave them to people to put under the pillar of loved ones ,one mans wife jumped up from bed screaming she went to hell,others have had healing.Often we get in a hurry and try to help God,when we do we miss the mark. Burdens for people is a great way to see Gods power.I heard of a man dying of cancer few years ago ,I wanted to help but I didnt know him,I told God if he would move him close to where I lived I would go see him.I didnt know really what I was doing.but I was hungry to see God work.2 months past I kept praying.One day someone told me he had been moved from the city he was in to a little town hospital ,where I lived few miles away,seemed very odd because he didnot live there.they sent him there to die.2 days past and I didnot visit,scared I guess,on the third day I went to visit him.because I told God I would.I walked into his room and saw him on the bed,and his wife in a chair,I didnot know anything to say but my church would be praying for him.I left there and went to the church,at noon and cried,feeling weak and ashamed.that night at church as soon as I got there I went strait to the alter and just began to pray very very hard saying over and over Raise the dead,while service was going on.all of a sudden the preacher snatched me up and with fear in his face,he said to me we need some faith,,Ididnot know what had happened.An elderly lady died on the other side of the bible stand,they gave her c,p.r and called the ambulance,before I ever stopped praying,whe n I finally saw her she was laying on the floor and had wet the floor and then 2or 3 of us prayed and she revived and was waving at us on the streacher as she was rolled out.I was confused,My preacher called me from the hospital later that night and said the man I was burdoned for died at ths same time the lady did,God srongly impressed me that I couldnot have the man but answered my prayer of raise the dead.they at the hospital found nothing wrong with the lady, This is the real power of God working through his people. Glory to God in the highest

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