Some random questions

1)Where did God come from?
2)Why did God make us?
3)Why does He love us?
5)Why is God a jealous God?
6)Why does God let bad things to innocent people?
7)Why does it seem that bad people get what they want but good people struggle a lot?

What do YOU think?



  1. Timothy Luke says:

    It is easier to ask a question than to answer it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    God did not “come from” anywhere. God simply IS. He has no beginning and no end. This concept is foreign to the rest of creation that has a creator. When you follow the logic of beginnings, it is only logical that somewhere, somehow, someway, there has had to have been something that goes beyond beginnings. GOD IS. It is simple. It is to the point. And it brings meaning to everything else that we know.

    God loved us. He has a yearning for fellowship. God is love. Love needs an object of affection. We are birthed out of God’s love. We are created in His image of love, to give and receive love. That is why disease comes, because when we walk outside of love (in fear, anger, rejection, bitterness, etc.) we are walking outside of our manufacturers specifications. It leads to breakdown and failure on the physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions.

    God is a jealous God BECAUSE He loves us. The other gods that seek our affection are those who are in rebellion to God their creator. These gods seek our hearts and minds and bodies because they are spiteful of God and if God loves us, they hate us all the more. You see, they are using us to hurt God. By holding us hostage and destroying us with their lies and murderings, they hurt God’s heart. This is their time for a season. During this season, bad things will continue to happen to good people. When the Lord returns, however, He will come in POWER AND AUTHORITY to destroy Satan and remove his kingdom of devils and false gods once and for all!

    Bad people get what they want in this life because this is Satan’s world. (read Ephesians 2) and Satan empowers them to hurt others on the earth. Bad people also get used up and thrown out like yesterday’s trash by the devil and their lives often end in extreme torment while the next generation of bad people have their moment in the sun before they are laid waste as well…

    Hope this helps!

    PS – there is nothing bad that happens that God cannot restore and make restitution of in this life and in the eternal life to come. This is why it is important to have an eternal perspective…. it makes the huge disappointments of this life become much smaller and less hurtful. God will restore. The days of Satan’s rule are numbered and his kingdom has an everlasting end. Let’s just be faithful to be on the right side when all is said and done!

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