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If you want to know the most important PRACTICAL key to seeing God’s unlimited power move in your life, it is to combine much fasting (or abstaining from food) with other spiritual disciplines like Scripture meditation and prayer. I want to be a man of fasting and prayer, because I want my life to be in tune with God! Here are some testimonies of results that fasting has brought in the lives of people.

Fasting to Freedom – read testimonies of how people applied this spiritual discipline and the kinds of results they had.


If you have a testimony of something the Lord Jesus Christ did for you, please take the time to enter it in as a comment or page on this site.


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  1. Hello all,
    Iam writing this with heavy heart and desperation.Iam married to an unbeleiver,and experiencing hell on earth!..he is asking me and the kids to follow his ways or divorce!.i want this marriage to work and stand as a testimony.I have begun fasting…please fast and pray for him.pray for him as so-called kathee’s husband,livng in NC.Thanks!

  2. My wife and I divorced last year. We have four children (6 – 12) who love me a lot and would like us to be remarried and a whole, Godly family. I desperately want this for us all, but my ex wife is set against it. I’ve had years of depression and anger issues. I have been seeking growth in the Lord for the last year. I’m also having financial issues with my business and am needing guidance from God. I really believe it is God’s will for us to be a family again, but I often have fear, doubt and anxiety about all the changes I need to make. I have always had difficult really trusting God and living by faith for more than a day at a time. I was diagnosed with bi-polar last year, which partially explains my years of difficulty with mood swings and sleep difficulties. I’ve really been intrigued and learning with the power of fasting; I feel God is calling me to fast. I keep think three days, but deeper down I feel it’s going to 40 days to get the breakthroughs I need. I’ve never fasted longer than 2 days, and the thought of 40 makes me shudder. Is juice fasting just as potent and meaningful to God as water only, or is it a compromise? Or should I do 3 – 5 days a week for about 6 weeks? I desperately want and need God’s power, and am now convinced that fasting is the answer. I’m not just doing it to get things I want, but to know God’s will, draw closer to Him, gain spiritual power and strength, deepen my faith, etc. I’ve read that fasting really diminishes unbelief, too. Does fasting really help with all of these? I really believe that as I grow into being a godly man, there’s no reason He won’t turn her heart to me again (as His Word says He can turn the heart of a king, He can turn hers). Please pray for me and our family. Thank you for this website and God bless all you readers!

    • I feel that fasting is a sacrifice, It can be anything but needs to be something that is hard for you to give up. Fasting is a gift for you, It is kind of hard to explain but I felt like I was given a gift when I fasted. It was empowering.
      I will pray for you and your family, but what really changed my life was giving my life to God.
      Put your whole life in his hands, no matter what the outcome.
      If it is his will that you and your wife get back together then it will happen. But you have to trust him enough to make that decision. If that doesn’t happen you need to accept that and realize God might have a different path for you.
      I do know that if you give control to him and let him lead you your life will be more amazing than you could possibly imagine.

  3. Overcomer says:

    I am new at these, but in faith, reaching out to all my brothers & sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ, I humbly request for your prayers for my family, my mother, father, brother, niece and myself. Please pray that my mother and father be completely blessed with long, healthy, blessed lives, my mother needs to undergo a major operation for the removal of 2 tumors found in her ovary. I am the breadwinner of my family and I need to send money home soon for all the medical expense, but I don’t know where to get money as my debts exceeded my salary. Though Im working abroad, it is not that easy to save money as I have a lot of bills to pay. Please pray that I be given special favor financially and that all will be well with each and everyone in my family and even with my job as 4 of my colleagues were terminated and there are some rumors that the company I am with might shut down. Please I highly covet your prayers.

    Thank you all very very much.

    God bless you and your families richly.

  4. Este-ria says:

    Fasting is powerful but dont fast out of selfish ambitions.God knows our hearts and He answers whether or not you fast.The just shall live by faith.If you have an impression from the holy Spirit to fast then fast.Fasting is a tool to get you much mor closer to God and being able to hear in stillness.Fasting is denying yourself,when you fast you shuold stay away from anything that gratifies your flesh.Moses fasted to have a closer relationship with God.Is58 God desires that his people born of His Spirit may know his ways and do whats right.Fasting is not suppose to be done when one faces challenges but as christians followers of Christ we should live a fasted life.A life of continueous yielding and submission.There are requirements tied to fasting read the whole chapter of Isaiah 58.God says my people perish because of lack of knowledge(my people are cut off because of lack of knowledge.We become disqualified because we dont have understanding and we know in part.Fast indeed but dont forget to carry the presence you receive from him when you seeked him day and night.Dont be like the 10 lepers that were healed and only 1 came to worship him.I believe with anyone trusting God for clear direction,healing,deliverance and ect…God is the same yesterday,today and forever He will surely answer you because of his love and name sake.Be strengthened by God’s grace because anything spiritual you do you need spiritual strength to do it as in the natural you need strenth to do anything.NB the is no weakness in us only what is seen in the natural is called weakness.May His face shine upon you and you dwell with him in His glory.God is LOVE…He cannot deny you because he’ll be denying Himself.

  5. penny white says:

    my husband is not saved and I want to fast for his salvation

  6. Brainblur says:

    I’d been on a very light food fast: juice, wheat bread, perhaps some fruit… it was not bread and water or a nothing fast. I learned He honors what we honor and I didn’t feel like just bread and water; if you know what I mean.

    SoOoo no meat, nothing sugary, no wine, etc. The goal was for three days which I did with joy. But nothing happened. I didn’t feel any different like I had at other times where there were almost plateus of enlightenment, joys, etc. I was confused but knowING Him, maybe I had to do something!?

    Last day and I finished my fast. I was walking down the corridor to the linen closet and I paused before I opened it, frustrated. *Lord I’m holding you to your word. What’s up?* and said “What’s up Lord?” This was voluntary, “I just did it to be closer to you, won’t you honor that?” “I know you and I know us so what gives?” “This isn’t you.” That was all I said.

    As soon as I touched the handle of the door I stopped and *IT* happened!

    The only way I can describe it, is like somebody put a hole in my heart the way you’d stuff a torpedo into it’s space but this one was about the diameter of a pencil and out of this portal came pouring out, in a concentrated form – holiness, grace, love, sweetness, joy, peace, strength and a rainbow of mercies He lavished upon me. It was like a thick caramel river from heaven that even sugar couldn’t touch. IT was AWESOME< HOLY< AMAZING GRaCE<

  7. I am currently seeking the Lord as to if I should go on an extended fast. The longest I’ve done recently is a 3 day with water and juice (I work full time and can’t take off of work for fasting).I’ve been married just a year and my husband who claims to be a Christian has some area’s that I’d like God to touch. My concerns about my husband Ron are: He drinks several beers every evening everyday of the week. ALthough he doesn’t appear to be an alcoholic I feel that this is not glorifying to God. I do not bring this up to him because Ron is a very stubborn and verbally lashing man. He will immediately accuse me of judging and scream and yell at me. I’ve been married before and do not want to leave or be divorced again. I decided before leaving that I would give this marriage some time before God. Ron hangs out with non christian men who drink to drunkeness, smoke pot and play poker for money. Ron says he doesn’t drink around them and he has never smoked pot that he hangs with them only for the card game and winning some money. I also feel gambling is not something God would be to pleased about. Ron is also verbally abusive to me at times. He snaps at me and has even called me names. When he is having good days he is the most wonderful man I ever met. We had a great dating experience and he was very affectionate with me. Ron also doesn’t want sexual intimacy with me very often and I am an attractive woman. I keep myself well and haven’t changed in size or style since meeting him. Ron claims that the “initial” sexual excitement is no longer there and that we just won’t have that anymore and it only exists in new couples. I disagree. God made sex for marriage and God has blessed the marriage bed. WIll someone please support me with what I am going through ? I need christian friends right now to help me through this. I am in counseling to learn to stand up for myself against him and it is going better but Ron needs God and Ron needs to have a life changing experience with God. Ron is being a”complaicent” christian who goes to church on Sunday and doesn’t have any further spiritual walk Monday through Saturday. Please pray God will radically save his soul and give him passion for Christ our savior.

    • cdevanayagam says:

      I am in a very similar situation with you and my loved one, my partner for the last six years and I will pray for you and will fast tomorrow till Friday for both our deliverance and that of our partners.

    • Tenisha Woodard says:

      I Pray that God will strengthen your marriage. Seek God continously about your situation. Pray and ask God to make you One. I believe that if you honestly seek HIM he will give you the desires of your heart according to HIS will!
      Matthew 6:33. Once you have asked the father, turn the situation over to HIM completely. Trust that HE will answer. In the meantime Praise HIM with all your might and worship HIM for who HE is! HE is Awesome and Mighty! He is a good GOD!

    • Fred O'Brien says:

      I suggest don’t focus on your husbands “shortcomings” but on how you can show him Christ’s
      love. Pray for the Lord to give you a love for him like never before. Pray for the Holy Spirit to flow through you with the perfect love of Christ to meet your husbands heart. Only God can give us the strength to have selfless love. Become the servant as Christ was when he washed the disciples feet. Continue to love him unconditionally and ask God to show you how to minister to his needs. Shower him with unexpected surprises and gifts of love and believe me he will become heavy with conviction and see his need of Christ. I know, it happened to me!!

    • Hi Alisa, well I was going through some of the things you are expericing. I was told about a book called…
      The power of a Praying Wife…By Stormie Omartian.
      It works wonders…So on your next fast get this book

    • Nothano says:

      Aa they say…….dont tell the God how big the problem is but tell the problem how big God is. everything will come to pass dear in the name of Jesus. the Lord is with u. and please read Jeremiah29:11. stay blessed

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi, my name is Danielle. I just wanted to let you know that i am praying about your husband Ron. In this situation that you are dealing with you are going to have to keep looking to God and only him. The Lord is your Rock and he is the only one who can change your husband. Ask the Lord to help you walk by faith and not by sight. Ask the Lord what is his will for your life. Wait expectantly, the Lord hears you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hello Alisa: The Lord sent me to this site today and drew me to your comment. Since your post is more than a year old, I hope that you were successful with fulfilling your desire to do an extended fast and that God honored your commitment by blessing your husband with the desire to walk in a manner that pleases God.

      The Lord just blessed me to complete my first extended fast….a 21-day liquid fast. The transformation was so amazing! I have been in the body of Christ for 21 years and as a result of my fast I am confident that through the power of the Holy Spirit I can truly walk in the Spirit thus honoring my body which is God’s temple by fleeing immorality, controlling my own body and ultimately trusting God to prepare me for my mate and prepare my mate for me. Hallelujah!

      Whether I get a response, I will keep you in prayer!

      In Christ Alone,
      KC in St. Louis

      • Alisa , I pray that all is well with you and your husband. I believe in the power of fasting. I have done several 21 day daniel fasts and juice & water and I just completed a 40 day no meat, sweets, dainties, delicacies. It has truly been a spiritual journey. There are things surfacing in me after the fast that I thought were gone. I cried out to Him during the fast and I am going before God and dealing with these issues. Our Father is such a loving Father to even allow me to see these things. I am truly confident in the cleansing blood of Jesus and the cleansing power of the Holy Spirit. Only he can do it! I love Him with all of my heart and I trust Him to deliver.

        In Him,
        KM in Houston

  8. nokutenda says:

    i’m going to fast on 30/10/07 and 31/10/07 for more faith and the manifestation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in my life. Please pray for me too during this period.

  9. Fasting will not change God–It will you change you. God already has his plan in place for you. God has already supplied you victory and answers for you life. As you fast you are dedicating yourself to God, as you do you are going to become more sensitive to what He has done and which direction he is leading you. God has already blessed us in heavenly place in Christ. Fasting will clear out all the soulish noise and corruption we gather from the world so we can connect to God.

    In Matt 17 the disciples asked why they could not cast out the sickness and cure the boy? Jesus said BECASUE OF YOUR UNBELIEF. Then he told them how to deal with the unbelief—FASTING AND PRAYER! It will clear out every thing so you can hear from God. AND YOU WILL.

  10. I would like to start fasting as from 4/10/07 for 3 days. I am fasting for more faith and my immigration status in this country. I would like God to help me make the right decision and not regret what ever decision I make. Please pray for me that I don’t fall on the wayside while I am fasting.

    • Fasting will not change God–It will you change you. God already has his plan in place for you. God has already supplied you victory and answers for you life. As you fast you are dedicating yourself to God, as you do you are going to become more sensitive to what He has done and which direction he is leading you. God has already blessed us in heavenly place in Christ. Fasting will clear out all the soulish noise and corruption we gather from the world so we can connect to God.

      In Matt 17 the disciples asked why they could not cast out the sickness and cure the boy? Jesus said BECASUE OF YOUR UNBELIEF. Then he told them how to deal with the unbelief—FASTING AND PRAYER! It will clear out every thing so you can hear from God. AND YOU WILL.

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