Soldier of God

I have been wanting to write on another topic but God just keeps bringing me back to being a soldier of God. One thing that people must realize is that in God’s army you do not have to be in a-one shape physically. You must be spiritually in top shape. A soldier in the army of God has a code of conduct and it is the Holy Bible. He refers back to it daily. His weapons are not earthy weapons but prayer, faith in God and the Word of God. A soldier learns from the Holy Spirit. He knows that the enemy is out there 24/7 to bring havoc upon God’s children. He is ready at all times to go into battle. He is alert to the ways of the enemy and he is able to thwart these plans through prayer and seeking instructions from his Commander. He claims victory by looking to what will be and not this moment in time. He understands that this war will go on until he reaches his home in heaven. He does not stop but continues on marching forward taking back what the enemy has stolen and setting captives free. He may become tired but his rest is short for he knows that more ground must be reclaimed and more captives are waiting for freedom. He knows the tactics of his enemy and he knows them well. When he is in doubt he refers back to his Commander and his code of conduct. He is trained by experience and he remembers well that experience. He obeys the orders given to him by his Commanding Oficer and he knows His voice. The army of God must push forward and at times there will be a struggle to maintain the ground that was taken back but a soldier of God must keep pushing and marching forward.

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