Shariah Law – teen beaten to death after being raped.

A 14 year old girl was raped, then accused of adultery and flogged under Shariah Law. Here is the story. This is why I love the Lord Jesus Christ, and God the Father… They are just and kind and righteous in all their ways!

"Father, thank you for your justice and mercy. Thank you for your loving kindness and compassion. Thank you for giving your son Jesus Christ over to the death penalty, that we may live."

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  1. deborahknight20 says:

    The hyporcrisy and hatred most men seem to have for women is unfathomable and makes me puke. Don’t they realize they are desecrating the Image of God? Stupid question.
    He will deal with them. Poor little girl. The terrible thing is that these monsters are in the churches as well, masquerading as pastor and deacons etc etc.

    • Timothy Luke says:

      not to mention priests as well… the difference is that one group is following the legal system set up within the religion, and  the other is violating their laws in darkness. The end result is Satan wins, but I shutter to think of the society as a whole that governs that way and is in accordance with its laws.

  2. Timothy Luke says:

    The Difference is this is done under the sanction of 'law' stemming from the moral code of a religion. Unless a teen is an unaccounted for runaway, I don't know how we simply lose track of them and have them raped and murdered without it being reported. I have heard the satanic underground kidnaps and kills people as sacrifices, and especially the raping, then covering the pregnancy from view and sacrifice of the unregistered children. You are probably aware of that.

  3. This goes on allot more than what is being reported.This is just one small example of how cruel muslems are.If we got the truth we would find out this goes on every where through out the world.Look at how many teenagers in America are raped and beaton to death and nobody reports them missing because their runaways.God have mercy on us.

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