Satan meets with God, a divine appointment.

Today on Saturday 9th. As the front door opened I was invited in to a home densely black, black floors, black furniture, everything black, every room in the house including the toilet was black. Apart from the obvious colour scheme I sensed a presence strongly of the enemy. I wanted to leave straight away, but I couldn’t I was there to drop something off. I was offered some tea, and decided to stay. During our conversation she asked me ‘what do you do’? I told this lady I had just published my book which is a true supernatural story. ‘This is what I read’ she said, and handed me the satanic bible by Anton LaVey. I’ve read that I said, in fact I was immersed in that book for over a year. Tell me more, she said, because I am a second degree black witch. I shared my testimony in brief and that moment was good, she then asked if she could buy my book, she bought two, one for herself and one for a friend. I wasn’t going stop long but I ended up staying four hours. I played her some Misty Edwards songs, a good Christian singer, she seemed to enjoy them, now it’s my turn she said, I want to play you something. I knew what was coming. A satanic mantra was played warning you at the start that the mantra could induce fear in some people.She told me when she plays the mantra she feels very happy. I noticed on her 52 inch T.V where she was uploading the music that on her desktop was The Church Of Satan, she then produced out of a box quite proudly a Satanic pendant with the head of Baphomet. I have prayed for God to remove this tattoo off my arm, but it is still there, today I took off my jumper and showed her my arm, yes I said, I know who Baphomet is the image is tattooed on my arm.
With more talk I was aware of other stuff equally concerning. Can I pray for you I asked, and the reply was, LETS SEE WHAT YOUR GOD CAN DO! I prayed and sang in tongues and the peace of God was amazing, as I prayed she told me to stop, why I asked, the lady replied, it feels like water is hitting my head and there is metal in the way. I stopped. I was eager to see the lady saved but I did not want to rush ahead of the Holy Spirit or ignore her request. God always has a perfect time in these things. I am glad I started the day with prayer, I was glad I had not eaten food that day, I was happy to sense the Holy Spirit at work. We must always be ready for the unexpected. Please pray for lady x, God knows who she is. I did not expect to meet a lady who was so immersed in the dark side today, for four hours we both shared, and both disagreed with each other but the spiritual war had begun. Satan had met with God today but in doing so I will now pray as I hope you will for this lady to be delivered and saved. Thank you.

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